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ment but complete recovery cannot be expected. 6 Prognosis is good

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that was associated with hemoptyses and with chills and fever when

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dividual in apparently perfect health it is tliree times as frequent in

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of tartar employed in the manufecture of ordinary wine an

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diagnosis is not always possible until the operation has

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character by the features although he made the usual totemic

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less fail. He has never tjeen able to learn whether Mayo had

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length becomes as large as an causing some difficulty

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silk. As far as possible the mastoid and cerebellar regions

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this does not happen because perhaps the toxins are modified in passing the

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plished than when the small incision is used unless

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the greatest obstacle to healing. Hot weather and age must be

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usual and the pulse is normal or somewhat weak. In others the

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the other hand possess an advantage both in their more

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It follows fourthly that if these views be correct the true treatment of

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a dift erence of opinion such as strangulated hernia division

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hemorrhages may occur from any point of the mucous nTcmbranes. This

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vesicates. In medicinal doses a drastic cathartic diuretic aalhelmintic

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demands our very special attention for we are dealing

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supervenes and produces symptoms. The physical signs are similar to those

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lisemorrhagica and purpura urticans or urticata. The lesion is of a

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has little or uo value in excluding syphilis. So much has

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As for promises most of our disappointments have come from prom

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In anaesthesia of the ocular muscles Szokalsky saw the regula

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to atony of the stomach or to actual pyloric obstruction gastro

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of from one to eight per cent. in combination with citric

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producing the variations which prevailed throughout these tests. and

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with the largest companies. Several million dollars a

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treatment of leg fractures within the last fifty years.

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no diflaculty in determining the sex except in those rare instances

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relief of persistent neuralgia of a traumatic origin. Gross for the first

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Pharmaceutical Society communicated witb the individual

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proportion of premature to full time labours we find that

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The extent to which the riddle habit had taken hold of those early

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name to no productions but some of his biographers say on no very

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ibeir iubgemet it Uws agne o at fucb time asljettjoulO

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nitic sound on percussion. The common form of consti

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atcd calf lymph which should come into general use. The Local Govern

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