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countries treated by most authors as a synonym of Setaria glauca but apparently

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I consider worse than useless as a single application ren

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Dost. The suit is suspended to allow the company to carry out the

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use of Animal Ligatures in the September number has been exten

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the Medical Director thinks probably quite correctly

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windows and the inner walls are covered with black boards and anatomical charts.

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double row of Lembert sutures the stomach dropped back and the ab

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The fact that one edition of this book has been exhausted

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some days of rest he repeats this increase and decrease

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whereas another emulsion may produce a very heavy suspension. One

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of development in both. He has found that infectious agents are the

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after his coming he married a lady of York Pa. who bore

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and in the degree of its severity. Sometimes pain is constant and

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subdued light and seclusions these tents afford must be

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not hereditarily predisposed. In France the proportion appears

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viz. that sufficient pressure was not employed. The

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be said to arise in part from diseased conditions in the vessel wall

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tions of such cases the anterior horns have appeared shrunk in size

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pedicle being in these cases elongated so as to per

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preparations necessary in the lying in chamber are desirable in cases of

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a degree without however the remission of any essential

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with atropine and a careful examination made by the

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only 139 reported cases including those from the dairy in question.

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veins in the earlier stages of mitralinsuificiency

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stance in the urine of a patient suffering from moUities ossium

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will be a pleasant a thrilling and an instructive experience and the

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June 3. For the past few days the patient s condition has not

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Damon ftieblt den Begrabenen die Leid gt enbemde zu Pfiaftern

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in ophthalmic operations are little used. Dr. White s cases in which it

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Case i. Female aged 5 months October 23rd 1907. Nineteen

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in memory of her husband the late Mr. Charles F. Woerishoffer

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Wassermanns. A total of 13 tests were also done in the surgical

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These cells differ strikingly in histological appearance

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parts and especially where an unusual amount of poison spray has been

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sirable that as near an appro.ximation to the normal

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