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the nervous influence and is generally somewhat rigid the arm re
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ovarian and uterine arteries near the fibromatous or cancer
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of emetine in the treatment of amebic dysentery 1910 11. In
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by lessened fre uency at night and in certain organic condi
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visual methods were compelled to improve their apparatus in order
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bacteriologic science. At the present time we have no cure
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Marked glandular hyperplasia well marked infoldings and plications.
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penny. Their edges were not particularly undermined
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Where the process is general as in the so called arterio capillary
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is washed into the eyes. In all cases in which there
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and at the same time the most widely accepted.theory
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industrious men that ever lived was entitled the Fatlier qf
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At this time while a search was being made in the hospital
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or pupillary changes peculiar masticatory or chuckling noises
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addition of nitric acid to the urine has no effect
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attending physician to give the patient potassium iodid in
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government or meet our wants. Thereafter neither he nor Caleb
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M ANCHESTER CORPORATION. Assistant Tuberculosis Officer
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and discussing his proper diet it will be necessary to de
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hyperplasia of the muscular elements the other m a similar change in
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an obstruction during parturition but Nature s efforts are generally suc
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has had attacks of vomiting with abdominal pain present. The attacks occur at
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either the head or body. A joint capable of motion in all directions
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St. Paul that calls the Cretians liars doth it but indirectly
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The Oldest Medical Journal in the Dominion Established 1 amp 67.
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Territory remains free from this scourge. During the year the
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was one injection of the serum sufficient to bring on a crisis.
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collateral circulation is here possible. The difficulty of a case is im
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declared as graduating with first or second class honours.
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occasionally is small fresh vegetations on the valves which are
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across each tail black each feather irregularly penciled with a narrow
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chicken and skunk oils are extensively used in country
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the kidney found on operation to be single. This was
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craniotomy but such a difficulty is most exceptional if
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syphilitic and subsequently became sarcomatous. A pulsating
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means of estimating the diastolic or minimum pressure as
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Hospital the Blind Institution the Eye Hospital the Ear
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three months 10 10s. for six months 15 15s. for one
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conduct she having befriended and aided the family materi
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other poisons produce the excretion of blood coloring matter
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is the source of all scientific knowledge whatsoever. This monism
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of this phenomenon suggesting that certain substances in
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curve of the cervical vertebnB in the opposite direction the right
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involving nearly all of both lungs. Left apex large
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small ones. Then again the cough may be reflex as is
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examining and retiring boards. The necessity for a sufficient
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as well as a record of the maternal Wassermanu of the foetal
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The paper is an elaborate one illustrated by ingenious original exj eriments.
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Tentorial tears were never found after normal vertex
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shaped foreign body itself. When these irregular air passages are
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by surrounding emphysema as not to produce any such signs.
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months. Apart from the rigidity of the muscles of the neck and
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the mediastinal nodes three times the cervical nodes twice and the
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tributed as much as Dr. Garrod to chemical pathology
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cannula is always to be borne in mind. The mere press
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Prognosis. About 80 per cent can be either reUeved or
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