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Staminate spikeJcts small terminal on short branchlets pistillate

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obeyed instructions as to preparing herself for the injection

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microscopic organisms in the atmosphere such as the pollen of hay or

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sented that the drains were in good order and the counterpart was

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vegetable in water to exclude the air although long soaking may

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This condition is also present in a bleeder whom I have had under

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the furnishing of proper recreation to the patients and supply them with

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will usually produce a notable effect upon the general

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whether the history bears out the conclusion or not and also that the

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direction. Intra arterial injection has likewise been sug

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apparatus for fracture of the thigh. He then consumed the

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has been called natural liberty is the liberty of the

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All the species of domestic animals being represented equines

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Fluid Extract of Belladonna 1 dram or 1 teaspoonful.

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when ingested furnishes the body its natural constituents or contributes

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alcohol will also protect against diphtheria toxin CowiK and Green

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fatigue an emotion or some slight digestive trouble.

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rialljr from the effects of Iho pericarditis d spncca and Yvty severe

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Course. The duration of the disease seems to be from wx months to

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sumed structural changes and disease processes or with definite

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share of these ofRcial preparations are old proprietaries under other

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the active play of respiratory muscles against atmospheric pressure an

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individual case as presented. For relief in snch cases I would re

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appearances of the eye had now completely altered and nothing but a

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throwing light upon the subject of abdominal typhus fever alias enteric or typhoid

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upon as characteristic of lymphogenous infections. Numerous clinical

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for its cones or strobiles which are used medicinally and in

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milk any way whether she vomited or not. After a few days the

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of the crocodile Kpaveia cornel tree Kepdna St. John s bread. Finally

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cated and immobilization is of greatest importance especially in joint

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but it was not at all disagreeable and caused no irri

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Hurwitz and Bloomfield applied the phenoltetrachlorphthalein clin

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pour lui ses malades n avaient pas pris de bains froids.

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ill feeling and adverse public criticism. Dutch Flat at that time was a

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cient tor a diagnosis. Little oubesof gelatine con

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Association 1S67 68 gave a brief summary of sixty preparations pre

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haemorrhage leading to hemiplegia of the opposite side of the body.

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ture on improvement is regarded as capital expenditure

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only itch you may cure it with stavesacre ointment or weak

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operative treatment of infantile paralysis confined

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succumbed. From the work of Gley Moussu Vassale GeneraH and

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ion to recognize them as having acquired by their weakness a

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a man from the northern Gancasus. When the tumor was opened a

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and their carbonates soaps lime water the chlorides of barium and

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The Becher Lennhoff index is stated normally to be 75.

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kidney Cohnheim. Congenital sarcoma may attack one or both

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sions and hallucinations become gradually more constant and pro

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jirobability of our being unable to completely remove

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man Barnesby and Mae Pauline Campbell of New York City.

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Bentham George. Hand book o the British Flora a description

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in which the symptoms developed with great suddenness. It

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Unguentum AconiticB. Ointment of Aconitia. Take of aco

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is the ordinary dietetic treatment of this disease with great quanti

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tion nothing pathological was found with the exception of a

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Again in the Eleemosyna Roll of the following year 10 Ed

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aiteritis obliterans something very similar to if not identical with

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New York Medical Journal of September 13 1913 on the

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sions. There is no proof that the semina of infection reside solely in

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doing. There was one point which Dr. Garrod omitted

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While the fixation in Bouin s fluid causes relatively little

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the number of cases. In this connection Saugman points

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belonged to tuberculosis. The diagnosis was confirmed with the

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two lateral each about four inches long and two thirds as

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Wertheim 1846 flihrte insgesamt sechs seiner Elasticitats

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any case in which there has taken place a membranous

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This band therefore representing the continuation of the

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abundance of absorbent vessels in this peculiar tissue it

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tlie physical examination card and give the same number to the

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soup soft boiled eggs and toast. She drinks but very

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this is regarded as merely a first instalment it is hoped to

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moral veins both persisting for four weeks after the

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with 1912 was some 27 000. In many individual iustances this

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the disease and then note some of the several variations

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