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cerebro spinai centre or from a distinct cause of irritation situate in
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attain this result. Even the governmental policy is based upon
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the Fellowship of the said College be extended to such persons as were
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or even to tlie skin as is not infrequently done. In
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it large enough to look like a small additional tonsil.
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between its tendinous fibres. It is suggested Ihat the
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Berlin forbidding the sale or importation of meats in the course
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Thus submersion of a duck s head gives rise to complete apnoea
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who has 3 patients out of a total number of 14 who are
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derneath the spleen to the left colonic flexure. The
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infecting germs or in any case make an entrance for those found
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in an unsatisfactory position with respect to the com
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brief the experiments showed little or no variation in the amount
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An important part of these local Bills are those clauses relating to
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and the suprapubic incision for these cases ought to be
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There are cases in which through the ignorance of the midwife or the
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a fourth investment a continuation of the superficial fascia of the
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Raping ties lt 25.r ff ws 3pes Ilions jrfducons f otljer
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weeks ail but two days. This document I have inserted since the
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being light and exerted especially in the right iliac region.
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disease. In considering diphtheria both in its mildest and most
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it probable that these nerve fibres have only a regulating
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death so that more fluid is found in the pericardial sac when
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that by drawing over the parts affected in particular directions
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improved condition of the live stock over any previous year is
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admitted into the three principal asylums of Michigan
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rise to ephemeral cases of hip disease which rapidly recovered without
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little value and they may do a great deal of barm. They are
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abscess and the differentiation of abscess from tumor from cerebral
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Thoracic and abdominal viscera. In all four cases a careful thoracic
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of the commission were impressed with the possibility that insanitary
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instances among the lower classes these obturators are simple pieces of wood
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I suppose that if we live a thousand years or so we
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Insurance Committee had a genuine grievance but stated
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were called by the Romans amolimenta ab amoliendo because
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tended the respiration is somewhat hurried and the pulse is increased in
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one few or many flowered. Glumes mostly two equal and opposite
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regions of coarse imbruted vice. Self indulgence in sordid
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when this gives rise to no symptom. Hydrogen peroxide
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tissue proper. I shall take up the subjects separately first un
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Waldeyer which Disse claims arises from a hypertrophy and
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failing by the Eustachian catheter for a variable period. This should
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much nor is oil of winter green and the latter after
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sorts of excuses for demanding them at unreasonable times.
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well as the most dangerous for the mother and requires both strength
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ciation also with certain infectitnis and intlammatorv disturban
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contain belladonna. Even in the use of belladonna there is diversity
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Gibson Edward T. contract surgeon is relieved from duty at Fort
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upon the fact that a firm cicatricial band of fibrous
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Medicine. The Medical Education Society thus became
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so until recently philosophers have fought shy of it and used to
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secrete are fought against efficaciously by passive congestion.
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be only occasionally produced by Streptothrix hovis some form of
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Can anyone tell mc if the plantar reflex or Babinski s sign
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Pnenmococcic Arthritis Report of Three Cases. By Campbell P.
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were needed or wanted. After his inspection the officer wired
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be due to pyelonephritis renal calculi cystitis stone
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philology using the word in the customary German sense
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other statistical estimates show how severe is the scourge
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Authorities attempted officiallj to provide treatment for the
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table lying in the left lateral semiprone position with the perinaeum
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period and may involve the phrenics and diaphragm as in Sir William
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soap castor oil. and volatile oils also most of the chlorides that are
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the insane. They were followed by a long line of physicians
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menting sugars. Many bacteria as is well recognized especially of the
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trypanosomes and the part they play in the infection of man or of
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of his work denies it absolutely. He was familiar with the
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broad ligament. The remainder of the broad ligament
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the premises by the City Council and in the right direction. A
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Medical Department have been replaced by men enlisted in this
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harm or injurious effect and with but few complaints of slight incon
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heart can be manipulated and treated surgically in the same way
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the forceps needed and to make sure that the mesenteric
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mouth of the lion. Note again that Isaiah of noble birth a resident
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juice of two lemons yolks of three eggs half a cup of
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dividuals with healthy hearts have experienced this
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Seventh Enlarged and Improved German Edition with 277

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