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nineteenth century a sample of its power to assume epidemic propor

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hat boots etc. if they can afford it each one should have his

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to have less quickness in perception of style than many other nations

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altemis petiolatis olivaceis coriaceis lanceolatis vel anguste oblongis.

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organic matter abstracting from it in virtue of its intense thirst for

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trophic changes and atrophies are extremely rare. Bul

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July 2 1890 a new metliod of arthroplasty. He proposes in cases

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archeology in the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

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tion over the parts. He grew dizzy and nauseated and fell to the

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between these two cavities is cleft much of the food

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at the right lateral lobe of the cerebellum about three

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heads that for speaking and papers the exhibition the social and

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Mv experience of midwifery dates from early in 1857


tying. Mr. Thornley Stoker considered Esmarch s bandage of

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cases the disease comes on insidiously without any recognizable cause.

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water when the effloresced article is used the dose will be only one

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nations were imagined after the tact and were not true

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Oil of Origanum one pound Tincture of Opium three fuidounces. Stir

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effecting and on the contrary as I have just observed the rider is

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the extraordinary improved results of the modern method he has widened

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education for the upper social classes must provide

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Treatment Where the condition is due to tendogenous contrac

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entirely so again neurotomy the division of the nerve which supplier

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the breaking down of the basal rock in the formation of residuary clay

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per cent solution of osmic acid a fraction of a drop

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remercierai je vous supplie en attendant d avuirbien soin

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which have led to the lesion have been recorded in the brain

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certed action should be taken to see that the vested

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through the injection of butter made from the milk of a

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Union Protestant Infirmary March 23 1916 with a history of

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relates how a rheumatism of his which had involved his

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more decidedly than as an ointment. There are several useful formulae

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twenty of them were removed with a slender forceps and

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is usually the effect of disease of necessity or of

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Metallic Poisons. Oppenheim has published observations which suggest

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Mr. Webber s suggestion for an official time table was

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Making cho ce of the medical profession he entered the office of

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We come now to inquire according to the plan whicn we

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cancer of the larynx careful search amongst the hundreds

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may well doubt whether h is in all eases easier of per

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Baths have long been held in repute as a treatment for rheumatoid

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the lymphocytes were arranged in small circular groups among the hepatic

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h T ertrophied mucous membrane contains enlarged glands with

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diphtheria appears in a community that has for some

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respect to radiation of heat and secretion of sweat than does

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stimulants inhalations or tonics will prove beneficial in a large pro

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and surgeon so will the study that leads to locali

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the situation vv as unfavorable. The great majority of the troops

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The most secure fastening of your chamber door is a

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of the General Medical Council and the War OSlce that a

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serious disadvantage. Determination of the balance of

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the blood vessels either directly or indirectly through the vasomotor

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met with. From what has been said it will be readily

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been adopted either as regards the amount the proper time of

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After November 1 however locations for veterinary hospitals were rapidly

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other agent may be easily proved by immersing a thick

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culties has led Dr. Martin W. Barr Chief Physician Penn

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ant part of this investigation which I have as yet been unable

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hsKt occur suddenly and further tho sudden development of the

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other philofophers have been of opinion that our immortal part ac

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from nie any detailed observations on tbe symptomatology of disease it is

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and commits an act of a desperate nature for which we may

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Latimer of Hyattsville Md. entertained several members of the

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fever six months ago. Condition of urine natural pain relieved by pressure

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from the uterine cavity during the early stages of the affection

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the consumptive causes the vegetable tubercle bacillus to grow

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it be deemed advisable to give an intrauterine injection

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weeks did not tnke any quinine. He came back to this country

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particularlv in the thigh is very extensive indeed. Sometimes the whole

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the bronchi not only in instances of diphtheria phthisis erysipelas

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It is proper to say a word with reference to the failure

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other articles and reference may be made here to Scrofula vol. iv.

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