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President of the Eoyal College of Surgeons of England.

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the kindness of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in placing

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less of that pus will be absorbed by the system re

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infection i have previously written that the bunches of

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Her refraction error has I believe already been adequately

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anaesthetic to the medulla and the pulmonary and cardiac plexuses.

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the deer for instance the gall bladder is naturally

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The transfer of the men was ordered and the organization adopted

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doing it. In orthopedic surgery too the year has seen

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are to be recommended together with the use of the comb and brush.

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This copy is believed to contain the first published likeness of the

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Sanitary Corps in accordance with the allowances authorized by the Surgeon General.

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scanty though containing no foreign elements in a word in

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tained because they are the only avenue by which men may get

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in the interior gains ascendency over the prevailing west

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followed by more free tarry stools the product of intestinal hcemor

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has entered consciousness as a pleasant perception and when

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miniature lights but as has been pointed out by Dr.

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genital dislocation of the femur have been presented.

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Curtin s opinion was asked for. He came was told of the

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rilotel IHeu oil j avois ete nommo par 31. le premier presi

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part below. In surgical language the fracture is a compound one

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there could be no excuse for waste on the part of consumers that

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agglutinated and are veritable foreign bodies. Holman tells of a negro aged

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dren showing marked restlessness and sleeplessness. Here the

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of asphyxia whilst in still larger quantity it is familiar as one

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finds rice and beans but practically no fresh vegetables. If as

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even enlarged by cutting or chiselling if necessary remembering in such

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excitability or by feebleness of the exciting powers he called asthenic.

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age found in a dissection of 100 specimens in individuals

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amination performed the following medical testimony was received

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of our people in an amount to pay a thousand fold more

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the psychiatrist pointed out. Modern diagnostic labora

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to the Oommittee on Publication. Motion seconded and car

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styptic. I use it most frequently as a styptic for internal

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from Members of Congress and we address that usually twice a

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many in.stances by the appearance of tubercles are of

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ern portion of Florida to one touching the southern

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belief among medical men that the potassium salts are more poisonous

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date were presented in my work on the Internal Secretions and the

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on the surface of mucous membranes in some parts of the body

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being relegated to the late stages. Again when the patient s affection

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change in the tissues which compose the larynx frequently however there

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catarrh wluch is excited by the passage of undigested food fraa the

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frequent dribbling of urine due to overdistention is readily recognized by

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In another borough iu Lancashire I find variations of

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of these protecting wings. After they are withdrawn death

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There is a justifiable difference of opinion as to whether the pleural

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discharged is small unless haemorrhage occurs. Artificial distinctions

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pharmacists having a definite guarantee of at least

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ent but in the more severe forms such as those under consideratim

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The third group are the amounts of difference which establish at once

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the predominant anatomical characters met with. The micro organisms

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bone is finely comminuted. A close inspection shows that the

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enlargements of obscure nature have existed for some time it is

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the clavicle. The flaps were then dissected away the bones exposed their

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souffle was heard over the heart loudest in the pul

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Nostrums containing morphine cocaine and other dangerous drugs

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nee. As a result of i ecommendations by the board orders were

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Frar3 Guy G. All of the samples of nutmeg and mace exan jined

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Difficulty in obtaining suitable clerical help continued after the chief surgeon s

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Liverpool to the House of Lords stating that 103 000 Irish paupers were

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France September 2. On the following morning the organization left Cher

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therein possibly serve as metabolic stimulants or regulators.

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ering of the palate with herpes vesicles in two of the

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sponse from the public while the fact that 657 persons

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InterTUblly. Glycerin is very sweet and imparts a smooth

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The right eye is getting more prominent all the time patient says.

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other than those practising at tlie spas this was largely

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is not expected that there will be any further mortality.

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In a State so polished as Athens the physicians would

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