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nraseolar fibre it may be inferred that there must be action at a
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had been demonstrated. All the specimens were obtained from adults
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had a very comfortable room in one of the best hotel
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most careful examination as to the existence of rheumatic
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decisions the effects of which can only be evaluated
Necropsy twenty seven hours after death. The lungs were cedema
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is contracted or where that part which lies next the pericardium
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From all these sources and from many others evidence is
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even though this can not be scientifically defined.
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status lymphaticus are born with an instability of the mecli
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finger or ear puncture which can then be sealed by heat or
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names Ektogan and Dermogon indicate the products of
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tember 29lh adopts the results of former investiga
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nosis exceedingly grave. While any disease of the larynx
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period of three to five days as purpura hemorrhagica acute tick
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From the begiuniug of December 1917 to the signing of
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Antwerp being a supply base for the American forces in Germany it was
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for the development of sepsis and too late for shock to
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been able fully to indulge a passion for artificially
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and take out of the same fellowship or Communytie two
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which seems unnecessary in view of the fact that Colonel Ford is the
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as vitiating the result. The experiments were therefore repeated
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three ounces gentian root two ounces and a half carbonate of am
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to be compared to the horrors that haunt the guilty acute spurs
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arranged in concentric layers the left ventricle also contains a white coagulum.
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logical examination bacilli proved numerous in the caseous material
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Properties and Uses. The bulb of Colchicum which is imported into
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poses a unit of change that is some one reality which expands or
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the twenty first day the patient was convalescent a free discharge of
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S. muscidarum with a brief account of hypermetamorphosis in the
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chloride of zinc to the uterine mucous membrane because of its tendency to
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equivalent to aseptic drainage. Bearing these facts in
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graduate simply took the physician a oath of the particular medical
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pneumonia will accomplish much in the way of prophylaxis.
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cumstances. Experience has shown that it is better to
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these 199 cases 166 were fixed convergent squints 16
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Curcumrt Angustifolia of the East Indies. West Indian arrowroot is in
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An internal bath consists in the injection into the intestine of water
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sewage is collected in a system of pipe sewers and con
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hara Turkestan Arabia along the coast of the Red Sea
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her breath. Upon entering the room and glancing at the patient it
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thyroid extract and the equally prompt relapse following its suspension.
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experience was all wrong injurious and injudicious.
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in which the diagnosis and prognosis were influenced
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undergone an operation for the removal of a loose cartilage from the knee
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resin of commerce Scammony of which but a few drachms are ob
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strychnia while at the same time animal charcoal is employed to decolo
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a general lessening in size of the spleen but also by checking the
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Authorities attempted officiallj to provide treatment for the
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Inclusion of the greater part of the tonsil within the loop
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nate floral leaf. The calyx is divided into five segments rounded or
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tage that gauze prepared with the colourless salts of
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stationed at Camp Keithley Lake Lanao Mindanao and during this time
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ing from textbooks and even the writers of the most
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cedure consists merely in the use of a syringe such
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analysis of what Dr. Dickson calls his Chrono Thermal System of
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room I saw that there were three gentlemen there on leaving he told
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so that by the middle of January 1915 he weighed 58f pounds
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cessive hemorrhage another was introduced. On Septem
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has passed since it was written the statement that we are still
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bility and those associated with pleurisies. The first two suggest pre
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complete denudation of the bone. There is a focus of disease
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nearly thirty per cent. The corollary therefore is trust
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Oleo stock. The clarified liquid oil obtained by melting beef fats and
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general practitioner and will certainly be appreci
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treatment of the complaint the opinions generally entertained were
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afford a sufficient guarantee that the persons pursuing thern possessed the
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Both uterine arteries were tied and necrosis occurred in five
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The case is a very recent one and the patient is in
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as is amply illustrated by the experience of the last
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serious yet those leaving superficial i ain either over the thoracic
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portions of the chest. The symptoms of the second stage are those
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while the organ continues enlarged a condition known as hypertro
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a fair specimen of his learning shewing his skill in the lan
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been ever since gradually enlarging the increase in dimensions had
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The discovery of the malarial parasite has been of invaluable
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and then japanning it failed to give protection from the
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distinct disease from the spinal form of progressive
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streaked on defibrinated blood infusion agar plates showed nonhemolytic
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cloth is likewife beneficial as it proinotes the cir
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pecially as the quantity operated on is usually small
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toward the bacilli laboratory experiments showing that it is
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patient wore before the pad was introduced. If it is
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One rather interesting feature in one of these cases
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received. In the morning of Feb. 22 the symptoms returned
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with satisfaction. At a preliminary sitting all tight structures are
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territory upon which to perform our work we will be
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pressure may result in arteriosclerosis. Tobacco is not

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