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twice once with success and in one ease which appeared

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inflammations whether deep or superficial with antiphlogistine

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every 568 people and the medical Education stipulated a requirement of

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renewed from time to time even after apparent cure

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At four years of age the mouth should differ from that

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The author points out that the misfortunes of one genera

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The nonspecific serum protease has been studied very little. Hedin had

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with soap and water then after wiping them dry they were wet

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is fine and the flowers are budding. The roots should either

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was accelerated by about two months which might be attributed to the

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sanitoria accommodation and in the meantime many of these unfortunate

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where leprosy has become epidemic its advance is insidious it

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discarded. The danger of infection is materially in

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as a constituent of the diet for children and owing to the

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Eut there is still a more perplexing one you may have mercurial periostitis

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adult was a rise of total non protein nitrogen averaging 4.7 mg. and

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London Ijocal Medical Committee has decided that the

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Oyle of Vitrioll oyle of Sulphur fpirit of Salt vineger

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of the uterus but not of the vagina and I think previ

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ically although active in their mental habits. Eating habitually

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addition the blood vessels of the posterior columns were

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U iULV uuitv glabrous leaves borne on petiole 4 8 mm long the

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Tabuism is based on the conception of a special communicable

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tropolis of the central states of the most enlightened na

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pathological lesions and the multiplicity of types described might lead

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regions of coarse imbruted vice. Self indulgence in sordid

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Case 8. A five year old parrot which for two years had belonged

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six miles from Lichfield and passed some of his maturer years in the

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sels. The muscular tissue of the heart may undergo fatty degenera

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On questioning the seller it was learned that this horse had suffered

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vooutinf occurs tlicte is most probably obstruction of tho intestine.

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Hyperesthesia. Increased sensitiveness and pains occur in various parts

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size weight general appearance expression of countenance fleet

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ward. The f jllowing morning the eighth day the crisis occurred iMid

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Mix thoroughly together and apply one half of the mixture

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is feared that he has committed suicide while insane. Dr.

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when you call up the ideas of wifdom or benevolence which Mr

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FEEY HEINErCH. The Histology sad Hbtochemistry of Man. A

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kidney disease lung disease heart disease erroneous food excessive

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a number of minor yet definite peripheral irritations will relieve a certain

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disease. This is a stupendous problem but 1 venture toj

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Herbs growing in marshes or ditches. Stems without joints leaves

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cited by the author. Under heart irregularities he offers a good

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obtain such a water coagulants are sometimes neces

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The responsibility is mine and mine alone. I keenly regret ever hav

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litre. The lungs were gorged with blood like the intestines sometimes

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On the 20th she was convalescent her cough was troublesome.

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through in accordance with the principle of survival of those

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and it is important to have sound kidneys before an

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considered favourable for the transmission of the arterial pulsation into

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cord are the posterior columns postero median and postero lateral and the

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of tho different territorial divisions of the country but

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namely valvular disease of the heart kidney disease and arteriosclerosis.

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shall cause a sufficient number of copies of this act to

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milk any way whether she vomited or not. After a few days the

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make up custards baked in little brown bowls individual and keep on

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lose the Journal. It will be many years before another

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normal. The period of irrigation has frequentiy exceeded three hours

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renal bodies due to tumors arising from adrenal tissue

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root s milk. The fresh lacteal secretion free from colostrum ob

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Father Linehan was a member of a panel dealing with the emotional needs

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chronic inflammation of the respiratory passages are due to excessive

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ule filled zone of the chief cells. The granules are there

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