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This quantity of solution, costing SI. 00, is said to

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The temperature, which was first taken during the cold, did not

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A man, aged thirty, sustained a compound fracture of the tibia, for

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and then chief of the riding academy at Lyons, which soon acquired

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left, in these animals the left is placed lower than the right.

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provisions, reached Monterey, California, on the 27th of

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chase, sell or distribute salvarsan and similar remedies without

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ion ovate, and much larger than the rest ; calyx shorter than the pedun-

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oteamed in bed as hot as they can bear it, then set them

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pulse of the foot at a cuff pressure equal to that producing obliteration

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(TSH) receptor. Less is known regarding the other com-

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Dr. Walter Smith said he had seen one or two cases of

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tween three and four hundred patients have been treated

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of red cells fails to lessen materially its ability to cause kidney lesions.

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heat of blood, the result is multiplied by-<r, the reciprocal of the specific

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of sewerage whatever on the Island. The greater part

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we not recommenced forced respiration again. Very soon she was again

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Note 3. — It is recommended that for the enforcement of these

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doses of quinine had been given, but the man was almost dead from • hem*

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823. Orange Wlarinalade— Ingredients— Twelve fair-sized Seville

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ing on this point, to the complications arising in connection with

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face of the corpse was ascertained to present a freckled and dingy

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will give rise to the development of lactic acid in the secondary processes

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If the injections do not reach the amoebae embedded in the tissues,,

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its motion, although not so expressed by the author, appears to be

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cases met with in insane asylums. It deserves more attention than the

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heart before the existence of the Bright's disease. He

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duty, with the hospital guard. He remained thus on duty

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interesting experiments of Drs. S. Weir Mitchell and

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warm water or support in a poultice containing boric acid,

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the evening visit to mv ward, on the 26th, the nurse ac-

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stricture of slow progression can only exceptionally be

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tion of'tetanising shock. Primary circuit of coil completed by plunging rod,

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rapid respiration and the unresolved pneumonic pro-

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projections attached to the corpus Arantii, and in the left half

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after ; but, as a rule, they go together. What part does each respectively play

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