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the sutures were inserted at the junction of the hard
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change of air had subsequently fallen into a helpless condition from
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and those that it appears to reach when insufflated.
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was followed by a discussion in ivhich Dr. Beodie Sewell Dr.
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ing may prove beneficial at the outset but in advanced
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iiey H. llesnlts of osteotomies for the correction of
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County Keports then in course of production under the Board of Agri
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of seed distribution of the Central Provinces should be followed.
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ened and periods of varied bodily and manual activ
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a positive diagnosis is only possible by the foUomng
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squamous epithelium this condition is however not general only
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tain muscles supporting the vertebral column which may well be regarded as
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of this influence be more closely defined I think it can.
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hospital at Boston he had assisted Dr. Cheever in the operations
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