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and with difficulty through the vaginal vault only

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Peterborough. The introduction of main sewerage and pure

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of the Irish Public Health Council as will be seen from

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is worthy of succeeding that just mentioned. Four very full tables

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few simple remedies a surgical dressing room an ex

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ately arched and surrounded in front and behind with loose con

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presence of choroidal tuberculosis in advance of other

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The general sym toms and morbid anatomy of malaria are in luir

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authorities were found to provide accommodation in excess

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tion to the subject. We will name their works without in any

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It is a fact that the recently fertilized egg of Fundu

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rudimentario femineis disco late libero margine dentato ovario glabro

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initial lesion a period too early for a positive Wassermann reaction

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during the part of two nights and is much ijnproved.

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abnormalities are present it labors at a disadvantage and the burden becomes

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more rife even than here has made some interesting observations on this

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ber of your articles on the subject of tuberculosis. The only thing ever

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Craigleith aud are now convalescent. The staff consists

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by birth and of English descent. Of this union were born nine

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bership was constituted for all practical purposes only by those

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the active play of respiratory muscles against atmospheric pressure an

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are not always present. There may be a gradual and progressive fail

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Wine making and wine drinking have as most things been dis

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which was in no case dull or narcotized when bom. Icterus

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there described. Five animals two females and three males

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If necessary adults may take as much as 15 grs If the

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edly of great value in the treatment of the disease. The

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that properly accompany fever they bring in a series of ano

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strongly Hodgkin s disease though one would scarcely dare to make

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risks of the operation why it is we run such risks

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otherwise healthy. Spleen its capsule was also slightly thickened but its

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duced twelve years after marriage that the wife was virgo intada

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a spastic paraplegia in the greater number however the

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The definition is true but it must be restricted to the

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died in a few hours. Chemical examination of urine showed no

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not be wholly emptied by the trocar. For it is higlily prudent under

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The confusion on this question is readily explained. If a

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medical cures. This means bed for three or four weeks and the

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modic affections. The dose of it when freshly made is two fluidrachms

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tion of the congenital development had supplemented

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pulmonary artery between its own branches and only when the

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gatory to our profession and would not be tolerated

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man of 22 of nooA family and personal history who had a severe

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blood corpuscles and it is often opalescent from the presence of

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Tinct. Callendula 10 in Glycerine is specific for sore nipples.

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In the majority of cases the pains in the limbs disap

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ilcincHs DeciMubcr 1905 District of Davao 102 DeVore d Hoover April

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which was of the same fetid character as the primary disease. Kmpy

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ex vitali fieri incipit animalis ad propriam rationalise

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The prognosis must always be unfavorable even where ex

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and retained others having a differential value. Holman points out

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made. They have often been prepared for several years and

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verbali wrooraTar sola conjunctio dc vertenda in copulativam tc ut

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remercierai je vous supplie en attendant d avuirbien soin

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machinery of the Association at the disposal of the Govorn

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better representative of the international spirit which

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are constantly engaged in dealing with the problem of criminal behavior

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by the fact that the urine of persons who have taken urotropin

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axacum believing it to be both a vasomotor stimulant and a heart

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others are capable of actually destroying the proteids so that im

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tainty by returning the call the next day to those whom they

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owing to the falling off of his business unable to continue.

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itself an eloquent appeal. Help is asked as much in

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The results noted alter the antitoxin injections were

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terest. The executive committee is composed of Apostoli

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exercises in the after management of these cases as regards

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cause of the acquirement of the habit it is almost certain that there

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ly the phagedenic or sloughing sore and thirdly the true syphilitic or

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weakness of Ehrlich s theory is its inability to explain

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full information upon toxicology and the labors of Dr. Nunn

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tlie production of oxychloride of copper to obtain the most satis

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to him. A further analogy is afforded by the fact that emotion increases

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circular patch with sharp outline was established in the course of the

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with the laryngoscope we can see distinct ataxia of the

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