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mixed evils which they were sometimes rcpre sented to be. They

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le Midi Beaucoup de yens se levtMit la unit pour la voir ce

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finds the greatest difficulty in collecting the necessary funds. Foolish

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The treatment can only be palliative as there is no recognised

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Naphthalin in the Treatment of Tape and Pinworma. The

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persistent somewhat coriaceous and shbing with a strong midrib and

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is just equivalent and far less impracticable to OE

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For calculi use fomentations of hot water over the parts affected and

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of bone was left and in which the subsequent growth

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pare these with cases in general. Dr. Fischer gives the

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as already mentioned if plugged before the central arteries are given oil

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its character of the highest importance. In what way a

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ciliary body. They contain in their early stages only

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Exercise increases the lameness. If no lameness is evident do not

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which acts slowly continuously and persuasively it gently wins a

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arriving at any. Some writers hold one way and some another. The

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S. muscidarum with a brief account of hypermetamorphosis in the

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foremost citizens for the present or their anxious apprehensions for the

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Urea uric acid hippuric acid creatine and creatinine.

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myself here by giving in a condensed form a Bummary of the

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on appeal the ruling thereupon was held to be erroneous

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metal box falling on the floor. A few minutes later when it was

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such diseases as nephritis but th re can be no doubt about its

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been able fully to indulge a passion for artificially

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and Echinophthiriv s horridus Olfers previously recorded as E. pliocae

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to the affected joint and then covered with oil silk or

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obtain any appreciable results by preventive inoculations of the

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where adhe ions pull upon the stomach and introduce its rc ommce as

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foreign body. Incidentally ho suggests as a possible cause

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applied thicke fpread 3 the place firft annointed with oyle

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objection can be m de of the punctured vessel against the ligature

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actual occurrence of loss of knee jerk during and after hysterical attacks.

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was present. This afterwards cleared up upon the sole but

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rhage. The results obtained were not satisfactory aud

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or syncope. In the afebrile stage aspirate if the fluid does not diminish

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Besides the damage which is liable to be done to the uterus

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strongly recommend this volume to all readers in search

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during different years. During seasons in which May and June are wet

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would be better to lock up the drink than the drunkard. Thanks

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tery the tumor thus formed must communicate with the channel of the

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various drugs based on his studies of 2 000 separate

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On inquiry at the London Eoyal Free Hospital School of

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enlargement of gland as fibrous tissue contracts and lobules atrophy

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of evidence that similar murmurs may be produced by displacements of

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cyst in one of the broad ligaments I threw a clamp around incl

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ever advisable not to undertake too many examinations at one time.

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catechism which seems to have appeared in 1733 was not fathered

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showed themselves. He then learned to use the typewriting machine. After

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individual is one of first appearance not of matter and mind

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city. The plant for chemical treatment of the city s

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late to have a funeral yet returned the urbane doctor as

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mieux jue les autres tout leur fait est trivial.cotiunimi ctidmtt

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ULCERATION OF THE TONGUE. To enable a ood view to be obtained of

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of lint. It often happens that pressure of the hydatid distends this

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During the last fifty years there has existed a tendency

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have shown that the normal conjunctival sac of the rabbit

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tion or ulceration. The genital region face scalp and

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nasal catarrh may also occur but the extension of the

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