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Name the pathologic conditions of the eye that may develop
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mviasis recorded above and in Part I of these notes clearly demonstrate
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C alder in which were displayed various abnormalities
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terest. The executive committee is composed of Apostoli
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tar that the latter is less susceptible although to all
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M. Pasteur has nowhad an opportunityofpracticallytesting the truth ot
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be under the direction of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams on the
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must also be understood that many of the best marked symptoms
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gitimate children were buried and resuscitated after several
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so also is it with aphasic persons. Such a patient unable to
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digestive power McPhedran. infancy. Unlike cancer of the gall
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and upright dealing. The Journal about to expire was principally a re
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of the palfy And though he flowly recovers after fome hours is it
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venes as a complication of malignant disease must take both
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side of the cord which go through this commissure to
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difficult to define exactly the mechanism by which the two lesions dis
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second node on inner side of elbow was excised with artery
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redness while the swelling of the mucous membrane is comparatively
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it there are sudden pains which shoot upward through his
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tent. The breeders of these breeds in America have and are pro
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Ralfe relies chiefly upon arsenic which seems to have
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cations. The nourishment must be positive and of ea iy digestion. The
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ciating abdominal pain while eating breakfast on the next morning.
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its augipontation of volume comes a deepening redness turning
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In the most severe cases operation is required 7 acute
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thorne. Dr. Powell has taken a very active part for
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Prognosis. This is bad. Only one case in the series did not result
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alone to be carried within. A current of 20 to 25 milli
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lication of last week s list Beth Israel A. C. Mar
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How to Fight Epidemic. X. writes Desplaines Illinois has a popu
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simples meteores ne nous predisent in bien in mill. Nous
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drawn a long brush discharge or as it is technically
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that their successors whom you shall elect this day will watch the
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In other words he had been unconsciously walking Indian fashion to
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idea of these patients treated by tuberculosis officers being
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ment would have been impossible but for the timely generosity of Andrew
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obliquity and are likewise productive of scoliosis. My names for the
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tionists say Our wonder may be somewhat modified by notic
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considered an essentially indifferent constituent of
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our continent. The foreign medical press which is far from being prodigal
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J J 4. 1 10T1 I J. the elimination of carriers detected
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region. Those changes whether of increase or of diminution of
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which tend to disturb the normal proportions of the bile ingredients.
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minutes to a temperature of 50 C. two with material exposed for the
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could have traversed the stomachs and intestine without
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therefore hasten or delay his recovery. As the patient spends most of
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have been much higher but for operation undertaken on the development
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the fact that it is a well established truth recognized
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evacuants apuaiceveiv meaning usually to purge 2 and
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thrax and open cancerous and leperous cases. He gives
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the fore arms of six non susceptible individuals two of whom
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when he was engaged in making simple picture uzzles. He woiUd
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Prizes. Among the prizes annually awarded are The Barker
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nut as a round or oval shallow clearly circumscribed ulcer
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respect to the specialist and the family doctor. The
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The Finance Committee only met once a quarter and as
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diseased badly nourished often anremic system offers an unfavorable
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some tenderness to develop. These need attention just as the nails and hair
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lesions pathological gall bladders included but I do desire to protest
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Treatment. if the fracture is very bad it is best to destroy
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Definition. A disease characterized by a chronic degeneration of the

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