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panying lacryraation or photophobia. Dr. Thomson s case was that of a

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Diphtheria of the External Meatus is seldom primary. It usually

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ulcerated and the joint filled with purulent fluid

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which the air might be directly conveyed. He saw very fine tubes

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theae members. The head of the rickety child appears larger than thai

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Father Died at the age of sixty death due to complicatior.s of warfare.

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terialists who postulate that mind is dependent en

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surprisingly good results. Some of the cases had shown

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that fifty cents worth of medicine would ease the growing pains. Filling

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CHARLES B. TOWNS HOSP1TAL.293 Central Parh West New York City

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scientific principles and method of chemictherapeu

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survive than occurs in the other species. The ameboid activity

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case to positive enthusiasm of its recognition in every instance. From

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beginning in the fifth interspace and extending 9.5 cm. below the costal margin

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When deaths occur from chronic nephritis and so forth

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und mehr als ein Viertel schon innerhalb des ersten Jahres nach

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This Central Ilegistry acts as a clearing house. Only con

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henceforth be the recognized rule of procedure From

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the far reaching importance of a carefully worked out

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one third of the cases. These have been of so little

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the ganglion cells and the fibers of the fifth nerve.

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set up by the passage of air into the bronchus the walls being

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factories and work shops and perform many other duties of an

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as possible slight pulling and twisting will then complete the bisection.

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The Malpighian afferent vessels and capillaries showed Gull s hyaline

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