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one for avoiding the nitrous oxide gas. Neither of tbem if
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properly receive full consideration, as they are among the most disabling
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of, and more efficiently than is possible with, drugs ; hence avoid-
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9. On the Deposit of Fat in certain conditions of the Bodies of the
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ulcer of the transparent cornea and of the sclerotic
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in the South and West ; portions which, if pure, might startle the east-
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rate preparations were made for the operation, for the purpose of pre-
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to any of the ordinary or recognized species in na-
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in illustration of this fact, in the course of the work, were
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— MM. Babes and Kalindero, at a recent meeting of the
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trolling the quantity of regeneration in an isolated piece of an or-
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through the longitudinal muscular band opposite its mesenteric
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For a uumber of years past, an appropriation has been
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ments that are made as light as is consistent with the required warmth.
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there was considerable uneasiness on taking deep in-
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count has been given of many deviations of the teethe
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we take advantage of them. Tf we could but have more intercourse,
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takes in the different medical sects because they were incorpora-
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supposed to be in great need of operative intervention. Four years
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The bearing of this part of Nicolle's work on the aetiology
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The very great importance of the tendon reflexes in diagnosis I have
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possible after the termination of the preceding paroxysm. The fol-
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in use is made of a strip of lead foiP 7.5 cm. wide by 22.0 cm. long, and
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• Inoculation: 0.001 c.c. of four-hour broth culture of pneumococcus, Group II.
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respirations 34 ; vulva and vagina infected presenting bloody
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the anasarca had disappeared from the time that free passage had
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cream or milk, pepper and salt. to taste, grated nutmeg, hard-boiled
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knowledge and skill, who keep themselves so prominently be-
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eyes, and again, an inch above the end of the bony ridge
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for admission to the professional schools, and in this I
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fields) were remarkable only for their unmeaning length
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the line marked white line, the fascia is called the obturator fascia
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uneasy from pain, and commences to paw with his fore-feet. He
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Rhinology, Jefferson Medical College, etc. With 175 illustra-
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of trimming the ears and tail. This clinic was one of the most
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subject. As a text-book for students it is nowhere equaled. Not the least

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