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case with regard to small pox for Sydenham speaks of an epidemic
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he found the vn omb entirely unimpregnated. The hemor
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Elgin. Abstract of the lavv s of the State of Illi
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so altered as to contain an abnormal amount of calcareous
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pulmonary fibrosis caused by the mineral dusts is known as silicosis.
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make their appearance but vomiting is not an invariable pheno
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Apart from affected appetite horses manifest severe colicky
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day as before and tlien the woimd is bandaged and Teft
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Shut to call it a science would be a misnomer surely.
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coction. Bittersweet is probably diaphoretic and diuretic
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The classification of infectious diseases according to their
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with the belt it seemed to lessen the severity of the par
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resisting bodies as a whip should not be used from the danger
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ly but he also thinks that its effects are more permanent. The
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Digestion and his Manual of Modern Gastric Methods and it is
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