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quency it would occasionally be observed in some specimen
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As regards phagocytosis Metchnikoff supposed that protozoa
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merely that the patient either offers no resistance to
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the temperature is more frequently elevated and still shews the same
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tion and theory with scarcelj a single chapter even the origin
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sensibility but this stage of the disease seldom lasts long re action
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reference to the relationship between the uric acid and the
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in your own hands for it is Stratonice whom he loves.
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time as Sir H. Davy and others have proved on themselves causes
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defined circumscribed inflammatory patches and in most cases shows
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The Section published 52 issues of the NIH Caleri.dar of Event So
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We have had many communications warmly supporting the view which
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been removed with success. The diagnosis of stenosis from extrinsic
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he is willing to give the company to go on with that
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alkaline douche that can be employed with great bentitit vhere
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Chapin and P. ly was Secretary to the Brooklyn Board ol
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were serving but even this was considerably lower than it had been
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comparatively small juantity of alcohol passed on into the
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end loins great difficulty in micturition irith but little unne.
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failed 15 times in 360 cases and of 135 cases the radio
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case also the tumor had been pronounced epithelioma of
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would injure her. She showed great incoordination in her gait
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it is little to say that no man in town was ever more
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afterwards the condition of these men from a health point
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substances toxic to the nervous system and which if not specific
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The borders of the heart cannot be easily located by percussion
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Monochorionic duplicates may develop equally or unequally
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Entquellungszustanden abhangig ist. Einige Versuche welche
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ment of an arm a foot he would assure himself that he
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From a study of these eight cases it is seen that they
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From the center the wall was distended and thinned toward
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traction was very slow and the muscles took four seconds to reach their
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intention is to provide 80 beds and to supplement the
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panies the arteries. The boundaries of the units being
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six seven or eight months and nearly as many twelve months out of
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only a little soreness remaining to indicate what had oc
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surgeon to drain the mastoid cells and antrum at the same time.
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necessary to see whether it is caused by organic disease of the centres
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in a variety of conditions when necrotic areas undergo putrefaction. It
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always for ill. This had been questioned but in her
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the condyles of the oa humeri a course is usually recommended
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a position wholly to prevent infection from the conjunctival
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minatis apice valde tenuiter acuminatis supra brunneis nitidis glabris
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changes which have been from early times recognized
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suppurative adenitis for which he wore a drainage tube. Within three weeks
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be placed on his side with head slightly raised. Cold affusion. Heat
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examined some 8 000 specimens of blood urine and faeces respectively in over
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victorious William the Silent rather than the alternative
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methods the past gain has been 85 per cent in eleven
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mean to boast of the cjuantities of medicine my patients swallow. Some
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from behind the left shoulder moves distinctly a little more than the right.
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but less so than the others. The alkaline plan which is quite
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of different combinations was employed. Ehrlich and
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bility of his discourse on the virtues of his potions
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of syrup heated with bullock s blood and then decolorized by passing
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appeared competing for the favor of the medical student
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where possible. The only exception was in the case of the last
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figures plain and their spaces from the earth equidistant.
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Laennec s views became generally accepted and in 1844 Lebert
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extensibility of the myocardium of both ventricle and auricle
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trating odor w as obtained by catheterization. The bladder w as
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Hospital they have had good results from the treat
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ner s where the attack always came on at the menstrual
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Diarrhoea and pain about the cscum were present for
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and weakening of the pulse the temperature is subnormal
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av.ay but serves as a very useful quarry. There arc also
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applied dissolved in alcohol 1 8 as a lotion and is an
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determined. This method is entirely distinct from that just
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able to separate the gall bladder and then to extir
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many respects it follows closely on the lines of the report
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ter stroke. There was some difficulty in diagnosis. Apart
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case as soon as the New Testament was dealt with in the critical
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tered alone. The use of all antipyretic remedies must be persisted in
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The use of the syringe is more generally applicable.
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understood that those now being i.ssued are more sati.sfactory except

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