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The Committee reported that they could find none ; report accepted
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irregular in outline. In the head of each first metatarsal bone is a focal area
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not the result of patient and impartial investigation of the
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fact that the tonsils may serve as the portal of entry
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Transplantation of Muscles in the Treatment of Paralytic Deformities,"
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made by any male member of the family. A Corean can accom-
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coldness of the extremities, they were discontinued. It is to be
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their treatment by a new splint, and on the reduction of recent
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remedies, it seldom answers), cold applied to the neck and back
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shaking well as you use either preparation. Now clip the
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illustrations are profuse and, on the Avhole, well chosen, and one can
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1 pp. 413-426, 2 p. 436, * pp. 430-434, *pp. 444 and 445, 5 p. 452, ^ pp. 436 and 437, ' PP- 504-506 : " Extracts from
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the first lucid description of this disease, pointing out
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This state is simply one of assumed or j it is easy to see how, in the development
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deposit causing rupture of one or more small vessels, when it is to
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begin with symptoms of sclerosis of the lateral columns, and which
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he took the sacrament in insincerity, seeking still for
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Association; she is a Diplomate of the American Board of
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be found that there are often different ways of arriving at the same goal. In

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