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patients were considered to have recovered. Polyuria was not uncommon

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amuse and instruct them. Phrenology necessarily embraces a large field

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remercierai je vous supplie en attendant d avuirbien soin

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use of water in free wards and the disposal of ashes.

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changes in the ganglion cells of the retina and wide spread fatty

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brown and more or less translucent. It is easily reduced to

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of ills that are difficult to trace. It is generally

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altered in such a way as to resemble fluid. The bronchioles are occluded

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esteem and used it for to remain thereby in this force and

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Many of the convoluted tubules are dilated their epithelium flattened

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medium in sterile flasks under a layer of paraffin fo which sod. formate

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study of the nervus intermedins both in man and in the marmot

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World War. The fatal respiratory lesions were considered primary by those

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making balls for horses but it is new superseded by molasses.

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and dry and his pulse which had previously been about 68 72

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Hirschberg magnet necessitates the introduction of its point

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sults. Hemorrhage in the early stages is usually salutary and

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to the right of the median line beginning about two

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inasmuch as several of his plates are actually reproduced

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The Nematodes. Ascaris lumbricoides or roundworm is common in rhiJ

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Preparation. Take of the Salt which remains after the distillation of

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In 1862 Henri Dunant 1828 1910 a Swiss philanthropist pub

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the little finger have normal reactions to faradism and to gal

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tioners in small villages and that is never to take the

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vix literi and in the bladder. It has a firm stroma

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Descended from a titled Italian family he was born at Havana

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tion of the adnata intolerance of light headache and delirium show

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military routine and the special drill of this corps are given

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morbid condition in the urinary apparatus. Of these

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in a week or month or year by a gradually developing

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numbers. Each cell body contains a moderately large

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any decision of the Board is entitled to appeal therefrom

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yield metallic sublimates see p. 513 and when boiled with nitro

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of the pulmonary artery and it is specially to be noticed that

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from her own child while others might be infected by it. So

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ppbthalmis a disease of great frequency in BirmiD ham and iLie

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is remarkable that the rheumatic cases almost exactly correspond

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the injection. The temperature and general condition

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diminution of faradic excitability. There was no dis

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is not accompanied by evidences of vestibular distiu bance but since

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between the upper and middle thirds a slight deep seated tubal

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of Bright s disease in certain surgical diseases of the

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embracing others which flimulate other parts of it as thefe powers

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his anrangement but we believe that the addition of this volume to

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would see nothing but individuality and the greatest simplicity in the

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while in ulcer the pain is associated with ingestion of food. In cardialgia

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causes. If the statistics of Hare of Australia prove

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aneurism of the heitatic artery and wliat is more remarkable in some cases

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of liquid ether. It should be supplied from a large gas holder and

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Sixtv one per cent of all gynecological surgery is due to bad obstetric

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A remarkable case of progressive ascending myoclonus in a man aged

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jects in its path. In that condition some of the sheep wander away

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portions of the chest. The symptoms of the second stage are those

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disease were circulated by order of his Grace the Duke of

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was reached that the serum was either harmful or entirely neg

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for good results. Babes claims to have obtained excellent and rapid results

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other discussions with the private sector. So there were a number

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the advantage of the liberal university education of Italy but

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organized and contain many lymphoid and plasma cells. Skin. Superficial desquamation

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his patron the bishop whom he long survived. His only

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seemed to me to act beneficially by causing uterine

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understand the necessity to the greatest possible resistance to the advance of

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a romance. In 1819 a medical student applied to Roux then one

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position to bleeding The possibility thus formulated as a question is

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at the CCBB. We completed the first year of a completely revised training

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system the vaccine poison cannot operate as a preventive against small

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Tenth and the One hundred and Eleventh which remained at Indian

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