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the invasion of the streptococcus. The bacillus diphtherise however
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It causes no discomfort. He uses for injection purposes a proprietary
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Symptoms of bromism acne sore throat drowsiness and gastric di tui
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existed for some time. Clonic spasm is infinitely more distressing and
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muscle. This may be injured directly by pressure as in this carrying
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branches which finally undergo suppuration. From these emboli enter
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peritoneal abscess also apjtear rigors irregular fever sweata. and pn
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noted that locomotor ataxia occurs more freijuently among urhao tlun
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adenitis is most common in the young is unilateral rather than circumfer
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characteristic sputum leave no room for doubt. Chills and suppurative
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and the posterior portion as the posterior limb. Through the anterior
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BETA KrCAINE I.ACTATH has only one fourth the toxicity of Cocaine.
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made as favorable as possible. A change of climate and especially mod
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ily felt through the abdominal wall and must not be mistaken fur an
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TON Graduate of the New York Training School for Nurses attached
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and the betterment of the general physical and psychic condition.
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having developed in a man without myotonic antecedents after two years
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The dilator naris is paralyzed hence sniffing is interfered with and the
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Fattiology. The anatomic changee in and the appearances aC Uie
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able omen. Certain complications augur a serious termination such as
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The etiology of membranous stomatitis is usually specific diphther
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anenical poisoning give rise to a condition closely resembling tme tabt
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much longer than the normal period of digestion. Thia fre juenlly
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Definition. A chronic diffuse mflammation of the kidnevs sttcniled
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nearly always is associated with chronic simple or hypertrophic pha
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or on attempting some unusual muscular e brt when dyspnea appears.
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detects no obstacle on its way into the stomach. A sac is occasionallv
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is increased and yet though heavier than the normal lung the affected
stages without rendering the patient ill enough to cause him to seek the
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Symptoms. The onset is gradual. The child becomes pale weak
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Simplicity. Can be used over Bunsen burner kitchen fire amp c.
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of the patient is peculiai and characteristic. The face is iligfailv swollcB
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matoid form of obesity. The loss of weight was from to poa
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later of palatal and pharyngeal paralysis in a supposed case of necrotic
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The prognosis is hopeless as regards improvement. The course of
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ing questions. The reflexes do not differ from those of normal children.
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lead to the manifestation of morbid feelings simulating those of appendi
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Treatment. Absolute quiet in the recumbent position should be
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tion occurs leaving behind inspissated contents that undergo calcareous
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ily. Emotional disturbances have frequently been the exciting cause
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the diagnosis. The gastric contents in cases of nervous dyspepsia are
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