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it occupies the entire volume of the nodules, and then

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part of the cortex near the central fissure is represented in the removed

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atoms a molecule of water, or one of carbon, hydro-

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to the fakir ; and I may also add, that the walls closing the doorways

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recurrent fever. It lasted in all seven days, and was

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250 acres on the crest of a long ridge in the town of Walling-

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acknowledges there are elements of putrefaction which are

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tin having a circular hole in it large enough to admit

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yards cheese-cloth, three-fourth yard oiled muslin, one

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During August of 1889, she assisted in moving the furniture into

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improvement on administration of salicylate of sodium, and gradual

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rabbits, guinea-pigs, rats, and mice, with pure cultures of Bacillus icteroides,

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and heat of the external surface of the body, and by other symp-

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the parasite to the other end, at o. This figure corresponds to Fig. 105.

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parietal peritoneum and all the viscera in the vicinity were in-

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statistics we have 6156 cases, of which 3599, or 58.5 per cent, were proved


est reliance, the axungia ! of the viper rubbed into the wound. The

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pain in left side through to shoulder ; throat dry ;

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and signs for the first case. The four dressers on duty, and in aprons, march

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milk has an alkaline reaction, which persists for an indefinite

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by the vaginal touch a very indurated cervix and a recto-vaginal fistula on

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tope that Lam plans to use, bismuth 212, gallium 67,

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of the fundus was a well-defined mark, differing in color from the re-

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theories of Macintosh, Simpson and Sims he stated that

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Uhomcinial Articles that are frequently called for as Medicines

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3. Chronic lung-diseases (tubercle, cancer, etc.) producing secondary

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Amendment carried. And Drs. Wl Hooker, Wilson ami i. |.

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a tumour of large and often enormous size should not more frequently

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epidermis when the insect is not disturbed, I do not

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end is by its two ends fastened to a neck collar and is

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undergo any operation after an attack had subsided, as

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treat this trouble, since we pretty well all agree that it is essentially

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event than one which is illustrated by a preparation in the Hun-

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Hospital and use the operating room if they desire, subject

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Palestine type of malignant tertian infection did not seem to

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performance of its work in considering the various branches of medicine

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or four days are required for the pus to be secreted in sufBcient

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Kurloff. Cited by Ehrlich and Lazarus- Die Anaemic, Nothnagel's

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the specific germ in every case, and we have in their writings most

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*Leprosy is of comparatively rare occurrence in this country, but apparently the

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