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himself registers the pupils, the latter engaging themselves to observe

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Pathological Anatomy. — Tumors of the spinal cord are not particularly

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particular, it was pointed out that through the posterior limb of the internal

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tions. It is seen especially in men in youth and middle age (between twenty

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electricity, gymnastics) with which we have become acquainted in the two

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Arthur E. Diggs, M.D., Clinical Associate in Surgery.

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in recitation, and conference courses in Dispensary and Hospital clinics, and in the con-

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shipoed to another plant to be printed. Sefore butter is printed, it is usually

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Ashworth, Adrian Lincoln, s, Morgantown, W.Va. A.B. (West Virginia U.) '32; S.B.

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and gradually extending upward toward the trunk. The arms, and sometimes

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that can be discovered. In all these cases we probably have to do with a

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(vide infra) following the paralysis of the facial; third, of special associated

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Walls, Charles, 97, Tachhrook-street, Pimlico. S.W.

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in making a diagnosis of the location of abscesses. Abscesses in the cere-

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Accoucheur to the Queen, cor. i84o, 41,42. 20, Hert-

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a general student of the schooL The following were the subjects of

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Traquair, or to natives of the town or county of Dumfries, or of the

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nationalities and the preference for more convenient centres. Despite

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Is cooled to 45' F., or below, and held at that temperature until It Is delivered.

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excitement, a feeling that he is noticed, etc., increase the patient's spasms,

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make sure; then/ when he has done so, he is still uncertain and must go back

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restricted. Alcohol does not come into consideration from the standpoint of

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INTRODUCTION: The anatomy of the chicken can be easily c^pared to that of the,t?oVine

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on his hands and thus be conveyed to his mouth and contaminate him ( noso-

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Multiple Neuritis, Tabes, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.).

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active nor reflex tension. Their electrical excitability remains perfectly nor-

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acquired fro« u|1ng the study gu1<te will help jfou f»rform the^^ Art ss Ions

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1. Candidates who have completed two years of collegiate instruction and present

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