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The book is one that will go far towards arousing fresh interest and
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fer and was ordered to report to Lieut Col A. D. Kniskern
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operations of colotomy typhlotomy etc. are surgical means fo prolonging
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committee so that he will still be associated with the
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Hypnosis. The concept of hypnosis has changed considerably since the
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artificial respiration bearing in mind that it may be
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IRVING WILSON VOORHEES Aural Significance of Vertigo 42
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lial cells no elastic fibrils blood cells present bacteria
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described a severe febrile reaction which I obtained iu
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cated from pasture fields or that animals be kept from past
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peas and beans but no potatoes. The.addition of fat to
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Student Possibly to involvement of the oculomotor nerv e
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on the dorsal aspect of the organ up to the corona.
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fire in the open hearth but fresh air must enter freely from without.
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on August 5 1893 in two drop doses t. d. on the 8th
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tal factor is found to be inextricably interwoven. The causes which
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lithodrassique used in the operation of lithotrity
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on National Health Insui ance. On the proposal of Dr.
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The doctor who demands his fee in advance shall never prescribe
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bract. Fruit glabrous urplish 2 celled each cell 1 seeded about
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tion of cornea in front of the pupil so long vision
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not been definitely solved in spite of the mass of investigative
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such educational opportunities. The advanced training to be
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Only the clironic and severe cases are sent to the department hospital.
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Causes of morbidity mortality and invaliding in the Philippines 141
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intemperature alfo to rill vlcers with flefh andknic them
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This conservative course may occasionally require a secondary operation
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ately arched and surrounded in front and behind with loose con
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Ketchum. Several physicians of acknowledged reputation
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dyspepsia especially in the presence of fermentation and pain.
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can only be rendered possible in the near future by the
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food by the feet or snout. The stomach ma be quieted by oxide
on the left side. The skin of the left posterior apex was very
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properly administered. The hypodermic syringe should be one which
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the rapid spread and continued prevalence and fatality of
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ing the evening of Thursday March 20 I was notified that
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Borax was first used in the treatment of epilepsy about twenty five years
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only indispensable to every horse but the most valuable gait a horse
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Dr. Braswell being on a visit at my home saw the patient several
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which its tissue was softened and haemorrhagic the left lung hypo
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ments he had used puncture while in the interstitial
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no means arrived at but we do believe each volume is bet
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know absolutely nothing about their initial distribution. However
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and abdominal cavities and edema of legs. He was not jaundiced. There were
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Since the operation is fully described in practically every text book
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another case of ringworm of the large sporcd variety
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should be tried first. There will always be time to
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nerve giving the pain but over an area of another nerve
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these officers to serve for one year or until their suc
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many offers of accommodation for them in convalescent
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proposition infectious granular vaginitis is a stubborn dis
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are seldom affected in dropsies and that their dis
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membranous glomerulopathy Protective antibody is not produced After 5 months
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squamous eczema its peculiar features. Itching usually marketl is an
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Secondary degenerations although described Babinski Jolly Rossolimo
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water supply which recommendation is still under consideration.
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yellow. With Drucin there is filamentous precipitate
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further examination treatment and cleansing. Should

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