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were then added. Complete anaerobiosis was obtained by the hydrogen

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larvae of the species and is the surest means of differentiation.

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pecuniaxy vupport of the charitable and we can scarcely believe that it will

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the time of his death. The mitral murmur became louder and harsher

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blocKl serums in cases of hemophilia lias proved to

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where scurvy prevails these cases are often seen associated with

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complaints being once made the Medical Services Sub

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signs at both apices in six the changes were definite though slight in

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intracranial pressure was noted exactly as would occur after lumbar

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very characteristic species at once recognizable by its peculiar inflorescence the

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All of the exposed mucous membrane of the bladder is

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applied to analyze the blood of patients who have too few platelets and

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findings in cases of ureteral or renal obstruction

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rtomach than even of the strong acids these latter forming a coagu

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of tbe ifcuDe ocgree auD o in tbe ficono SLfceir toetgijt ts

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cold bathing and general hygienic measures are called for.

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Perhaps the ablest of the Indiana Generals was Jefferson C. Davis

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the myelin sheaths. The myelinated fasciculus longitudmalis

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infant mortality. We can only hope that their efforts in this direction

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hope in the breast of the surgeon that he may at last

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used. Many of the cases however occurred in countries where the latter

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coagulates. Dr. Wilks in a large number of dissections of dneumonic lungs at

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through the butter then leave it there to cure and preserve.

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by Drs. Drysdale and Stokes who have already contributed

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without any subsequent deformity. Where the inward tendency is only just

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the reports about 4 months late. The monthly reports of diseases

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involve the pleura the extrapleural route should be employed

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taining two or three table spoonfuls of mustard over epigastrium a

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bridge Epileptic Colony while still others accepted tho

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rence of the hemorrhage and the comphition of abortion. If the uterus

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to temporary duty in the Hygienic Laboratory. To proceed to Boston

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less and disinclined to take its food. Bacilli of diph

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presence in the intestines of undigested matters and resulting

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limb was flexed from the knee downwards and hung pendulous.

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Foreign Bodies in the External Auditory Canal. The statement

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incomplete methods of investigation in the digestion experiments.

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health insurance with a view to repoi ting some adequate

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