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tures we should see in a certain type of men almost
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moving the forceps nature may seize this period to expel the
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which somehow destroys the regular sequence of action and produces an
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cause of glaucoma is obstruction to the angle of the anterior chamber
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let fairly large and a large bilateral tear of the cervix
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are clotted up by the parasite or its poisons the time for
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chosen remarks responded for the Army Navy and Reserve Forces.
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amining board by no means constitutes real clinical effi
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Clinical data. October 20 admitted to No. 5 Casualty Clearing Station with diagnosis
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important distinction. Of 4 cases reported by him the bacilli
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ately not called upon here to propose methods of work but only
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The child at first has the symptoms of an ordinary cold
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whatever schemes are evolved as a result of this investiga
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ble of producing effects scarcely inferior to those
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the house of her employer who was a cancer suffers. The
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widely distributed in the green parts of plants and
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plain statements could an intelligent critic have reached
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long after apparent convalesccnce j the discharges from the nose etc.
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opment. These must of course be followed but in addition we
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general dropsy almost unknown to pathologists in this country. It is very
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new formations made by those who know only our school
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