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many respects ; yet early surgical intervention is justi-
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Slight oedema of face ; no anasarca. At 5i months, consulta-
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son said that on post-mortem he also detected traces of a few
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other cases there seems to be no real cause ; it is purely
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Case 11. — Diagnosis, hyperthyroidism, myositis. J. S., aged 52, was admitted
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increased in severity about five A. m. Found the head present-
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are due to a fibrinous exudate in or to fatty degeneration of the retinal
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Do not imagine that the greatest object you can now
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Injections of antitoxin for diphtheria are usually given between
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As in dysphagia from some other causes liquids are swallowed with
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what dilated. Cranial ganglia and nerves normal. Lateral lobes of cerebellum
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the posterior abdominal wall, so that the large intestine, together
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day, and then, until a period of 3£ months had elapsed from the
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incubation-period was prolonged; with more than 300 parts of water, the re-
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finished flowing, so that he might cross to the Other
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opinion until we know precisely first what parts of the central nervous
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look on him and expressed his contempt by ref)eating: "Willie Bums,
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is that the known and the unknown di<i;itahs })reparation ])e tested at
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poison of microbic origin, even although the actual existence of the
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its functions in perfect working order. The first thing

Healthier Baking Recipes

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