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grades the heart sounds may be clear in marked cases with ensuing
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labial and palatine mucous membrane. With dryness of the mouth the
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Sciatica stands next to trigeminal neuralgia in the order of fre
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are a repetition of some reflex or voluntary action. Moreover the patient
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of the transverse portion pulsation may be seen at the episternal notch
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I l.ATK XX. Coloured illustration showing Transilhimination of
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grades the heart sounds may be clear in marked cases with ensuing
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ophthalmic goiter or in patients suffering from other vascular diseases
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render it therapeutically five times as efficacious as pure Cod Liver Oil.
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though I have had no pergonal experience with this measure.
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from the cut surface. Edema is most frequently observed at the bases
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E boric acid is not increased however. The so called phosphatic dia
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Definition. A functional disorder of the stomach usually charac
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after a variable interval of time tuberculous symptoms are manifested.
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the teeth. The latter even become loosened and in protracted cases
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generally frontal though also occipital and tends to appear before meals.
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of a comparatively cool place loosening all constricting clothing spray
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Chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis and follicular pharyngitis clergy
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pupilkry changes tliat Lave already been mentioned. With dilatation
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and excites the flow of urine. It may become necessary the foregoing
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negatively chemotactie nibstaneeSy which repel the white corpuscles.
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is capable of causing changes similar to fat necrosis. Flexner s experi
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common by far in large cities than in rural districts and in European
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The immediate results of nose bleed are weakness and a moderate
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It is an exudative inflammation with the formation of new tissue from the
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ably influenced by its occurrence. Following empyema or when due to
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times parenchymatous or fatty degeneration of the heart liv r and
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than the acute fevers must be awarded the firat place aiDong th
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or a projection into the cervical fossa may occur though with comparative
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rarely met in association with transposition of other viscera.
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of the lingual muscles. There are dysphagia and generally fre Bvnt
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drugs as copaiba squills cantharides potassium chlorate and car
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cosuria among these being carbon monoxid iDorpfaiti atropia
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had quieted him sufficiently to afford a few hours
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disease and thus prohibits the further undertaking of unusual feats.
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chiefly the glandular and muscular layers. Roughening of the inner
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treatment is by gallic acid and ergotin the latter bypodermically stim
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is as a rule resonance over the normal cardiac region and particularly
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dilute hydrocyanic acid or wine of ipecac minims. every

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