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Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

alkaloid muscarin that it contains may cause very severe symptoms.


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ditis have their origin in an obliterating endarteritis. Pasqnier offers

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adults. The prognosis has been rendered less serious by the applica

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with serum. In most cases it is a true inflammatory edema.

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symptom and is so intense in some cases that suffocation seems immi

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products of the exudate undergo fatty degeneration and are abwi

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JAMES A. MOORE Printer and Sansom Street Philadelphia.

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True peptone Kuhne has never been demonstrated in the urine. The

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brief though clear aggregation of the characteristics of the latter disease

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Treatment The treatment of aciUe gastro intestinal catarrh di

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the side affected. For this purpose strips of adhesive plaster must be

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gonorrhoea. The strength of the solution was usually i iooo in one

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Definition. An excess of blood in the liver. This may be of two

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picture of a parenchymatous and an interstitial inflammation. The

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due to chronic inflammation or hypertrophy and usually associated with

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has been recommended for the habitual constipation of anemia. In

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reasons why marijuana should be legalized essay

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The absorbent and motile powers of the stomach are both more or

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flocculent. Mucus may also be distinguished from pus by its failure to

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and occurs relatively oftener on the right than on the left side Leydcn.

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ingly beginning with Hft j. and increasing by Itl j. every

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gums from chinks in the pharynx or from varicose veins. If lb

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pyonephrosis may be the conse iucnce. The urine will then be cloudy

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diseases to which they give rise. Focal sclerosis due to scar formation review

evelopment of the aorta and larger arteries as indicated by their

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that in which the larynx is free from catarrhal inflammation or the

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in the cervical cord. The multipolar ganglion cells of the anterior horns

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divisible into Essential or neurotic tachycardia and Symptom

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Predisposing causes are a age it being most common after forty

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ness. Mind deafness or an inability to understand spoken words has

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accompanying symptoms will be the result. Hemorrhagic infuction

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the connective tissue and the lymph apparatus of the pleura. This in

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