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commencement of fever and in the earlier stages of mania. It

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it and set down the songs and tunes solemnly used for it

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The total number of specimens in the Army Medical Museum at the

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spread. Measles scarlet fever and diphtheria are dimin

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tary was directed to communicate with the practitioners in

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well adapted to bore through the tissues while by their separation they

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fevers that have been epidemic in Paris. These fevers assumed

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in the Statue it asks for Infinite Pains by E. Mor

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lungs is met with in cither a fluid or clotted state.

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further doses of salvarsan to efiect a cure of the condition. 7 Analogy

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these some are so unusual and interesting that they will later

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This report is the last which will be signed by the present Surgeon

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earlier stages and the reluctance with which so serious an operation

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cardiac thei apeutics. Don t allow a patient with an un

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cases must be extremely rare in which it would constitute a valid


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possible to find the characteristic local signs of a thrombosed vessel. It

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general literature of the subject I think it may be said that the

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asthenic habitus fan ly well nourished. The sclerse were pale blue

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although it is not the officiat name for that liquor. This

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nating and becomes swollen and tense if the urine is long retained.

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polymorphonuclear leukocjies and no bacteria either in smears or

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reglamento de la Sociedad prescribe que solamente medicos

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Medical Profession has been considered by a Committee of the

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nuttose somatose and those prepared from milk as culactol

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