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followed immediately that of the physician. The dietitian

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the influence of division of the pneumogastric nerves upon

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have a lacerated cervix signs of pelvic inflammatory disease and

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intestine and enter either lymphatic vessels or venules.

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case recorded in the Surgeon General s Catalog was reported

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area or repair the damage that may have been caused by

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This chronic disability is not usually painful but it is

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of epithelium serving as a temporary bond to hold the

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Stock are quite frequently bitten by snakes while grazing in open

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quired haemophilia in which retroperitoneal hemorrhages

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antiseptic in the urinary tract carbolic acid from decomposi

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gases and similar subjects so as to minimize the likelihood

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comparison in this study because of the hemorrhage etc.

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I would suggest that this requirement should as at Lincoln and

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dies. The autopsy reveals the characteristic lesions of heat stroke

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Repeated similar experiences have convinced me that it is not a

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to children through the inattention ignorance or carelessnees

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The Marion Sims operation of dividing the cervix is open to two

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from them both. For the exclusion of animals is not merely

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like Dr. Wylie he is a great pessary advocate and uses one or

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We can heartily commend the work as a most useful addition

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directly excited the marrow. The fact that even small

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noted the onset of symptoms delayed as long as one hour.

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drainage and the possibility of replacing the femoral head if

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Infants may die within one day of the onset of these symptoms others

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in rare instances complete occlusion and expectoration. Nausea vomiting

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mode of restoring the artery to a comparatively normal state

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evidence very shortly because I have looked at it very care

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solved the problem after its own fashion. He claimed that

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falling into the stomach heard normally could not be

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proposait pour ravenir bien des travaux intdressants.

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regarding tumours of the lungs and pleurae. But the

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The relation of epilepsy to mental defect is another point in

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should begin at a very early date. It is quite fre

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incised can be reached and frequently of failing to

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hyperplasia of the muscular elements the other m a similar change in

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blood were likewise produced. The temperature was lowered as

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lesion seen on microscopic section of the vessels or when the

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United States shall still be under accredited officers of the U. S.

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deficiency disease soon sets in. They are contained in rice polishings

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consulted diSerent surgeons noae of whom however advised any eflbri to be

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