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Gout. In the rare instances in which gouty persons acquire tuber

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position to group. This variety of the disease spreads ra idly jnirsuos

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presence in the intestines of undigested matters and resulting

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that way relieve some of the symptoms. In other cases

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half higher than in the potato owing to their smaller percentage of

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less examine him for themselves. This is the feeling amongst senior

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mediately and permanently relieved by one minute of traction upon the

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acquainting them of the fact that all parties concerned

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this volume 750 pages still leaves a desideratum in the annals of the

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inspiration through the slightly open mouth during the compression of

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j off and five days later one and a half pints with but

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somewhat irritating taste at first not marked but burning

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iodiue pbosplmrtis and bromine in the oil. Tlieae agenta

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dominal section hemostaais by deep suture reeorery 619.

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the yellow fever poison is concentrated and the nervous symptoms are prom

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support an equal distribution of the circulating fluids air

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BOVININE promotes the metabolism of fat and albumin

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have been there is clearly involved in the incident a

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Weather Conditions. The possibility of any such relationship

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they were provided that a notice to this effect was given

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occupants can really see the stage or the play. The orchestra

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tion of the body the impossibility of swallowing with the pres

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argue strongly against the assumption that the bleed

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the brotherhood of peoples the suppression of stand

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for example there had been extreme neglect of infantile vacci

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obtain osseous ankylosis after resection of the knee

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their attention to this subject. Spurts are good in their way but what

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Rockefeller Institute later Rockefeller University he

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increase is probably a reflex of ingestion as it follows ingestion

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have been already partially considered under the heading of modes of

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the other articulations although the best results are to

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very difficult but blood count and microscopical ex

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practice and the knowledge that he will be blamed for

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pancreatic function even by a little would give therapeutic

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extracted the child placenta and all. A negro horse doctor was called who

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catechism which seems to have appeared in 1733 was not fathered

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preparatory to going to England where he will spend a year in special

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will be realized only when two results are reached.

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cal evidence against specificity of vitamines and the possible nature

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cytosis the spleen is usually enlarged and the pulse

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Treatment. According to some authorities spiroptera may

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the liver. The relation of these lesions to the loss of oxi

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On examining the bodies of cows that have died from this disease

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disease but it does emphasize the value of personal and community

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desire to confabulate to fabricate and to simulate. Seen from the stand

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duct being about 2 cm. in diameter. The operator decided that a

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upon as a Matter well worth the inquiring into to find the

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sustaining treatment in enteric fever pushed to such an extreme that

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native children and youths from inherited scrofula. The paper con

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Ticehurst Norman Fredc 24 Pevensey rd. St. Leonards on Sea

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that a colloid matrix always existed in the nuclear

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be avoided by inserting a small bougie into their open

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seen a number of cases of paralysis of the soft palate

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Myon jue Ton pourroit faire apporter tl Auvergne a I. yon

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productions laid before us we determine that the expression

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and lacteal system where it reproduces the embryo filariae. These em

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represents the oral sucker and the secretory apparatus is more

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It must not be thought that Miss Forrest was a mere automaton

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The diseases for which such a climate is to be recom

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cystoscope in the bottom of the sulcus to the left side of the

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harmful is no doubt to do an injustice to the uncon

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Haab s large electromagnet and sums up the results in these

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needed protest against the attempt to cram the memories

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to right which would increase the density on the right by exactly

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tellectual activity increased the activity of cerebral

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attacks impairs memory may produce cerebral hemorrhage temporary or

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for 12 to 24 hours. Sterilized milk should be used in place of

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Dresden in 1879 are now only of historical interest. The

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