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corded where this result has come about as an immediate consequence

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profession. Their tabulation of the causes of blindness and program of

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wise and necessary to have the sinews of war in adequate

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creased mobility is ascertained by the different positions in which the

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eight hours after the injury and that with a view to

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great fermentation and one may then employ salicylic

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opposition from time to time advises us to disregard the health department.

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oleaginous material. The second lot of cows killed in 1906 had

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The minis are slightly swollen or discolored spongy and ulcerated and

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ples proved by experiment and clinical observation.

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miles. The area under quarantine for the year under review was

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degree equal to that present in the most advanced cases of emphysema

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the tendon and the ringbones. I assured him that firing would be of

sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim (bactrim-ds/septra-ds)

eye is lower. In the median line the two images are distinctly

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according to the taste of the breeder. They should be set on rather

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water though it tends to absorb moisture from the air.

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aged 40 who for more than a year had been passing per urethram.

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The operation ot suprapubic prostatectomy as generally

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Apocalypse is the very root of his religious life his cosmology is

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the formation of a new ulcer. The arteries may show

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still temporary in character but are satisfactory. In the early part

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the world not by miracle but by money and the iusti ument

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Hospital the Blind Institution the Eye Hospital the Ear

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tract of Ipecacuanha and evaporate the Mixture to three pints then

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pension system is built. Defective records may cause

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At present the expectant plan of treatment is regarded with most fa von

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removed by local treatment of the uterus. The writer has also

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Dr. G. E de Schweinitz reported the case history of two

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deposited there. There is merely a catarrhal inflam

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murder suspicion disloyalty hunting paytriotism profiteering

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muscular action and sensation and his attempt to account for the cause of

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affectuum est passionum vitiorum acgritudinum difflasse et exstir

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seem probable as he had taken the greatest jirecau

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late to have a funeral yet returned the urbane doctor as

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sclerotic changes in the aorta along with unmistakable signs of heart

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atmosphere and in a well built airy and well drained

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tion the patient must repeatedly show albuminuria in the erect

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no private roadbed or right of way. The effect of this reduction

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operation these things could be seen and dealt with. A

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powers and duties of the General Medical Council will be

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ing that the same gross oarelessness goTems their work their

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the twenty first day the patient was convalescent a free discharge of

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examination the patient had a rise of temperature which

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before the blister could rise the man would be dead.

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horse serum. The defense mechanism of the choroid plexuS

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morphosis and restore normal circulation innervation

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early stages were clinically indistinguishable from cases of rapidly fatal

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result from extensive hemorrhage and from gangrene.

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various exhalations and thus are liable to disease.

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in the antitoxin treatment of diphtheria by Dr. Macrae

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kept clean aj washing with warm water a good toilet soap and

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certainly and upon tVie same evi.lenee as typhoid fever

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There are words which are to ideas what infectious microbes are

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Calciumsalze und Radium Emanation. The influence upon purin meta

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huile rosat et terebenthine. La nuit je ne peu bien


Hugo. But these her two most famous men of letters in the

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Whether from the presence of the microbes or from the absorp

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agrege a la faculte de medecine de Paris etc. Paris

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ovarian tumour. It presented two distinct auscultatory signs. The

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writing table. There were four in the washroom an hour ago. There

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warrantable though I readily allow that even by that means we

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Suppuration and especially unhealthy suppuration has marred the

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bacteriological technique for investigation of 1075

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We cannot agree with these celebrated authorities that

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by Stadclmann and Umber in 1917 and Retzlaff now reports a case of

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from the reflection that beneath all the froth and fume of

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the blood during the forty eight hours following the injection.

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This was bro vnish. often a reddish color but never

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subjects on which to carry out prolonged and careful

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and shock teams undoubtedly many lives were saved. The use of Bayliss

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of Thomas Vicary formed an association or guild for sim

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The boy has been kept in the hospital occasionally for

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Should however the downfall be judiciously treated the swelling

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