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is not essential to life, and when diseased has great potentiality for harm.

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it is well known that this delicate gland does not permit of transplanta-

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secured by adhesive strips, lint, and the common dressings. Bread and

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mortality, the perineal and supra-pubic punctures are about on a par. The

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inefl'ectual ; the cavity was carefully mopped out with

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vomiting diminished. After 19 days the obstruction again

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It is all important that the attendant be self-poised, and be able,

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quantity of phosphoric acid being often three times

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failure of the digestive processes, excessive tliirst, and not

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The first scientific treatment of the subject was contributed by Dr. Neil

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First year, 12 guineas ; Second year. 10 guineas ; Third year. 6 guineas. Or

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scarcely any others of irregular form, or free nuclei,

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tery is easily set up, easily run, lasts for a long time, and the cost of main-

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up in order to get his breath. Attack usually comes on at night.

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ticing physician to secure a knowledge of all the valuable uses

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was followed by a severe continuous pain in the right shoulder

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sisting of one part of carbolic acid to seven of glycerine has

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The field of operation was prepared aseptically, as in

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"siesta" in the partly darkened rooms, gave excellent results in

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mating that of the true needs of the body ? This question the

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Endocrine Disturbances. A case of Addison's disease averaged

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Returning to more practicable forms of therapy, it is im-

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origin of other infectious diseases; for if it is possible for an

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Of the total number of cases, in 32 the formation of

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spiration ; the face is sometimes pale, sometimes flushed ;

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Just as little, however, as the study of anatomy familiarizes the

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In the stomach, 11.31, grains whilst in the intestines, in the same length of time, 30.04 grain

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from measles, rose-rash, and scarlet fever, I will formulate them as follows : —

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5. The hypothesis that pellagra is caused by a deficiency is very

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The duty of the heart is to force the blood through the

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taining many diphtheroids and a pure direct culture was readily

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be sharply divided ; to the first forms should be given the name of neuralgia

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