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could not bear the strain of severe and long continued

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n ay be roughly grouped as strangulation of the intestine

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ileostomy at the time of coloproctectomy is still the

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On the th of May the patient was dismissed in no way better.

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ical lectures on diseases of the skin covering a period of thirty

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other results of this work such as the relation to the

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recently Mrs. Carmichael generously placed the money

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tor of the William Pepper Laboratory of Clinical Medicine Universitj of

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Septie infection in relation to various kinds of lymph. There

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It is said that the cough of phthisis is easily and

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Please mention Clinical Medicine. Vega Nasal Vacuum

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In the absence of symptoms suggesting central lesion

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vagina to extract the placenta then although I think my

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b ght which will in the near future so solidify public opinion

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humida. This is not in every case just because many cases of

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same. The number of corrections by this method though

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so in what proportion I took two grammes half a drachm of small

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the white blood corpuscles so that they both contribute to the

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species for though like a diminutive A. Napellus it is much

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tive stimuli must be applied for the cure of sthenic

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always be a convenient dip to employ. It is made by

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sible. It is not common for the pus to perforate the walls

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two years even in warm climates with the certainty of succeeding in

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plans and their physicians should allocate resources in a

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well. The urine may be thrown on the ground to con

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measured cms. by cms. This gives therefore the diameters

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Dr. Bremer. In fatty degeneration of the heart the heart

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Typically the radiographic shadows in Hodgkin s disease are con

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medical assistance was called in and he was pronounced to bo

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present to the masters of each school a certificate signed

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