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peat the coating as often as required ; then withdraw the

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tuberculosis in the stage of softening. The lesions were substantially the same

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fingers of the right hand and the middle and ring lingers of the left

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ulceration of the intestines, &c. This hsematozoon is probably also

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substance large white deposits, varying in size from that of a pea to that of a

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says, " we may assume that it is a disease of temperate climates. It does not

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tion with oxygen gas, according to the process adopted by Mr. Dugald

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pancreas, with formation of a pancreatic fistula. The new growth

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tendency to multiple haemorrhage, spontaneous or traumatic,

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after confinement for ten dollars — the average fee — is no doubt

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probably due to differences in technic of the observers. For trans-

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have the property of arresting the destructive progress of phugedaenism, and of

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blood impurities, tumors, cancers, nervous affections, diseases of the eye or ear,

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continue it beyond this period on account of the cedema

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nOTmaIly-<leTeIoping children — three and a half years, two and a half

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Lewis Richards, of New Canaan. Prof. Jno. A. Porter, of New

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Sharon Bowser, MBA, Assistant Dean, Information Services

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of a physical organization to receive them. They do not

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but early in the morning sent for the family physi-

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grass was thrown into hot water and poured into the

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rates do not fairly represent the weekly mortality : —

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fail, and there is loss of consciousness with inability to swallow

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maculatum. At other times, when the pulse is full, bound-

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in the cavity of the uterus. Arguments drawn from analogy, how-

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ment are not large, but well selected and are increasing in

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Allusions to or analogies drawn from medical subjects are rare in his letters. In one

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very marked. The external border of the foot is convex, and is in contact

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The Stomach. The stomach is the most important organ of digestion.

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in atiout three hours. The times for killing each of the three dogs were

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The patient was a Belgian refugee boy, aged 16. The clinical

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the same. The causes are various: improper management, bad

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character of the work to be done and tlie direction in

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The pulmonary mortality of the cotton districts is decidedly high, Manchester,

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flboit j fcfnp e bdow die EjmuchL Tlus bottom, iHbidi is ixyvtffod

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Every man, on an average, has consequently been reported sick once

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healthy, and one brother healthy : but of her other three brothers

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and the sight was therefore considerably impaired. Hearing was

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piece of alum in each jar will make the pickles firm and crisp.

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January 4th, 1845, partially insensible from a recent fall. On

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