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mercurial ointment is thoroughly rubbed into the skin every evening for
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T ie French School on the Anatomy and Physioloiuj of the M.ile
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Osteo mijelitis. Here the lesion may be limited the constitutional
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great. Again they are met with of an oval form but more rarely.
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warmed by the fire stockings off or if in surnnier rubbed
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sites reach the body of man arc entitled trickinaaU. They are not
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The Optic Nerve. The ojitic nerves compone the seconil pair ot
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slightly from those of the first forty eight hours. This result
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on the theory of auto intoxication should exist in large quantities in
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narrower part of the vascular tree. The effect of this occlusion inter
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is due to infection of the posterior root ganglia with a
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graph. Hysterical ileus with pain and fjecal vomiting is held by Babinski
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the subcutaneous cellular tissue were equally changed with the exception of
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agitaczons amp yearly reading of our lectures in time of the dis
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digestive power McPhedran. infancy. Unlike cancer of the gall
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interesting case of what they call verbal blindness
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three years. Some subluxation and permanent flexion.
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lysis differs from that of Berzelius this chemist stating that ox dl
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and tuberculosis in those cases in which both of these diseases were
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of 1 10 000 wa.s inhibitory. In these cases in which hydrochloric acid
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come changed and incapacitated quoad its normal vital tension
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converted into thickened calcified tubes or again at some portion of
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main in a miasmatic locality It must be because it was most
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less to control manufacturing conditions nevertheless he
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suddenly changed until a pair of 4 S. 4.00 lenses could
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Small aneurisms of the renal artery are not very uncommon. Large
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to batter down and take the forts of the enemy. The enemy
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movement was launched. I also invited readers to send in suggestions
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group of cases there are 7io symptoms whatever suggestive of perforation
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Differential Diagnosis. Nevertheless the same effects may arise under
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guides in Huxley s Lessons in Elementary Physiology
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paralysis. Puerperal septicemia clinically very closely
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with the disease for at present he manifests symptoms
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menting sugars. Many bacteria as is well recognized especially of the
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ten years ho had been devoting attention to this question
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benignum Cullen and those in which there is a coincident
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dental or local causes as atmospherical iulluences such as bad weather
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flected bullets. In accordance with these effects three zones of action
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From various institutions societies and individuals numerous addi
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must be extreme to make it necessary to remove a fibroid
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Treatment. Treatment consists in reducing the quantity
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fetes. Les jeunes garc ons ont desorniais le droit de
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large numbers in Arizona and frequently bite horses and
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rismal dilatation of walls of heart softening of heart and possibly rupture.
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it might be. One of the most interesting sections is the account
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lant and local anicsthetie while in concentration it is irri
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tilled oil is officinal in the Pharmacopoeia of the
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On the 3rd February the animal was cured both of the acariasis and
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over but a brief period in some cases offering to teach
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accompanied with so great a tension and dryness of the nervous
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general of injection edema hemorrhage fibrinous ex
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thirty five the proportion of cases in each sex is more nearly
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Platnerus Ern. De Veneficio per Arsenicum Observatio 4to Lips.
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enson. Autopsy was held in oine cases and in all the effect
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ting free anti bodies. If so a new principle in therapeutics
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All sums of money asked for erecting new buildings or
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two days after the last injection the patient dying
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incomplete methods of investigation in the digestion experiments.
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use of Animal Ligatures in the September number has been exten
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under jaw is set there is marked tremor of the facial
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incidence rise in the next year or two if the meteor
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In the brief space of this article it will be impossible to discuss
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form of influenza which almost always gives rise to acute endocarditis
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have expansive ideas and most deluded notions of what they can ac
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Prize in Dental Surgery 5 53. Prize in Dental Microscopv.
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which are occafionally exerted and caufe all the contradlions of the
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rest as a compact massy precipitate. In this way he found iodine in
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ing degree especialh in comminutions and complications. In
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of the jugulars. After leaving the parotid gland the jugular is
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afterwards. Freyhan reports a recovery the diagnosis having been con
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there is no special relationship between the pupillary condition and
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The course is usually very rapid from three to eight days.
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The level of the sensory trigeminal nucleus. The spinal root of
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of spiracles is characteristic of the puparia of a number of species of
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subject until recent years. There diet for the future

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