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changes in the resistance of the guinea pig to the effects of diphtheria
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performed on the infant in every case in which the mother had been
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cellent local antiseptic for the urinary tract. One of the
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Wooldridge and also from bile human cholesterin could
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in the best of health in every way but if exercised no matter
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other occasions. The theory of Hirsch that this symptom distinguishes
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upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers
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stibiated iodides at greater length in another place and give to our
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of our experiments and would not be surprising in view of the
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Their excision has been followed by chyluria and also by elepha ntiasis
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effusion may take place into the pleurae and peritonaeum. There are cases
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Administration. I hope they found that this was somewhat useful
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mortality is high sixteen to twenty per cent. Infection of the foetus
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the smaller bronchi often contain fibrinous plugs which may extend into the
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Perhaps despite the fact that this question which was
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It was a matter of common observation wherever smallpox prevailed
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f For accounts of the collections formed between the days of King
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case of total suppression should come under my notice.
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their hay and had to be fed altogether on soft food.
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cancer is more constant is less affected by eating is more
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they were overheated exposed themselves to extreme cold so that their
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appeared and it was replaced by fibrous membrane. The tumour had
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was almost invariably secondary to bronchial catarrh and
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cases of multiple neuritis it presents a rapid and progressive motor paraly
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the coli Eberth group. They are all equally virulent for man
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Definition. A chronic inflammatory condition of the
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greatly enhanced if it be rubbed for a few seconds over the operative
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this from the outset in each case reserving Ailing
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inspiratory effort it is evident that the section of
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Correspondence was read from the Local Board of Health of
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dark reddish hue as if stained by extravasation. The contrast between
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out patients as well as for resident patients for each sex there
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thigh and the gluteal muscles are affected and the facio
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therapy may ultimately reduce hospital admissions and
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peau by an elliptical incision i liauden b a modiflod
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and adjoining settlements the coast of Africa from the Cape as far
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the majority of rats which have received an injection of plague toxin
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advantage. It would seem to have a sphere of usefulness in
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Belfield s original work although we believe it can be
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the infiltration is restricted to the subcutaneous cellular tissue but at
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reached also attention was paid to the comfort of the

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