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bakery that had healed with considerable deformity and

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Causes. Tlie relative freqtiencN of diabetes in the dog is prob

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thus learned the seat of the automatic and rhythmic

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down on the addition of hydrochloric acid is cream of tartar.

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from the commencement of May until the end of July.

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name for a number of cases of rapidly progressive generalised paralysis

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parlors so dim and dusky that we can t tell whether the smile

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factory the ntimber of the lymphocytes is increased by

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produced had subsided the piles promptly recurred. In the

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KuNKEL Handbuch der Toxikologie G. Fischer Jena 1901.

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at the Army Medical Museum. This exhibit has been enhirged to

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one of its men of note such as Zeno Cleanthes Chrysippus

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Ipfce of one bemaptatt of anotber.foj being of oiuersfM

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previous to the session of 1899 will extinguish the available portion of

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the gastric functions by means of stomachics rather than to

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to be avoided. 80 an undc rsized animal is not to be countenanced.

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nant and on this subject Butz draws these conclusions 1

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Germany is far ahead of us in this respect and its gov

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Hows through Hamadan. A little mausoleum of fire burnt

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diacetic acid be present the liquid acquires a rich purple colour

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ind fever. Leptothrix patches will be found protruding from the crypts

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slightly muffled. The tongue is not enlarged. Taste sight and

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useless. Men though the most reliable for haulage pur

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breast pump since there is a marked difference in the composition of

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the pelvic organs for example. Plainly it would be a mistake to operate

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the disease and he deprecated the bringing forward of

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la bouche. La chaleur abandonne tris lentement le cadavre qui conswve dans les

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tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in life you will

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appears with its insecure theoretical foundations with its crudely differ

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marked 300 years later and only forty three years ago

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urine being made in the biological laboratory. The year s work

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These total deductions in my own practice amount to

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hemorrhage in adrenals organizin g pneumonia emphy

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kind would surely do much to discredit the propaganda and do

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In the second form or hiemorrhagia pustulosa the hsemorrhages occur

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bIk houre abstinence from both food and drink. The quantity of

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be justified by facts No greater calamity could befall endo

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davon Uberzeugen konnen dass sogar in unbohandolten prognostisch un

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of Descemet as a result of senile degeneration. The author in

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hours and the patient s general condition is growing

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loss due to it in France alone averaging annually about ten miUion

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thrombus. Dubuc observed a case of anuria which continued for seventeen

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quires the physician to comport himself as a gentleman and demands that

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disease. There is a gradual increase of all the symptoms the mental

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primary disease be tabes or syringomyelia. The dissociation of sensation

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other ordinary hygienic duties. If careful attention be

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ing on ordinary causes must be also followed Avhere these diseases have been

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ulcerated. The polypi on section were soft fleshy and gelatinous.

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various means such as by the use of heat alkalies acids and

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peutic action samples and literature will be forwarded upon request

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an early symptom and when present is most significant.

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ence the cellular tissue shows little disposition to

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seen suffering from the disease have been depleted

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That sanitary regulations issued by the post commander of Camp Stotsenburg were

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that these depend upon a constitutional factor which is

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have been able to gather from a perusal of the cases it is

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the children and 20 cases among the employes in all 234 cases

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This being true however it would be natural to ask why the effect

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caseins from cow s and sheep s milk pure albumins from hen s

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about one minute and applied a saturated solution of

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I ye specialist February 5 aged 62. Dr. French was attached to the

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midst of Hits apparently favorable prospect we again one day fiml th

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best promise for favorable results. This implies in the

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was able to show that these spirochetes from different quarters of the

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Answer The Department will submit to Congress shortly a strategic

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only 139 reported cases including those from the dairy in question.

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medullary cavity curetted thoroughly irrigated with very hot water and

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the contagion view was doubted and its place was largely taken by

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neys can be established have no application in sur

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favourable to the complete performance of the functions of the blood.

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Aiken Johu Principles of Anatomy and Physiolog y 2 vols. 8vo

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Aluminum is a bluish white brilliant metal malleable and

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in vino noli provocare multos enim exterminavit vinum.

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When speaking of quinine I ought to have remarked that beeberine

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Where so many books are issuing from the press devoted to diseases

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ical fact. It is of extreme interest in this case how

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Summary. Before extirpating a kidney a knowledge of the

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could be inserted into it and moreover also at post mortem examination

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with his well known method of treating aneurysms by applying

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merely softening them but if pure soft water is cleansingly

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Rheinstadter CkiUralblattfur Gynakologie Aug. 25 1888 states that he

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be turned out of the Church or deprived of his priesthood.

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instructor behind the lines a bomb accidentally fell at his feet as

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