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period immediately succeeding the operation. It is mani
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What is moat striking in a review of these earlier investigations is
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Hahershon President Remarks on some Complications met with
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blastomycetes were the cause of a malignant tumour. Hitherto it had
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different gradings in the reiative purity of the formants of the cry
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few years the tendency to have qualified assistants having
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lege on the following Wednesdays and Fridays at five o clock. The
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lows of the Connecticut Medical Society to be elected annually by ballot the
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continued but under unfavorable circumstances the trouble has
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of people suffering from and spreading this loathsome disease when every
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human misery. From personal experience I testify to
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softened areas in the gray substance besides small punctiform
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Pulli made luke warm or now and then a little warm Milk
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frequent and prolonged or even though they be severe
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sent it is generally looked upon as pathognomonic of effusion.
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Iiistitllt de Fraitce. Eapport fait an iioiii de la
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the justness and importance of the distinction he points out.
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stomach had diminished. The milk and lime water were then increased. In about
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Mix well together and there is enough to blister a small
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changes in the mucous membrane of the large intestine. Diarrhoea in tuber
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dropsy albumen in her urine and dyspnoea all gone together. I as
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so much to our clinical knowledge of the disease as well as publications
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they would do well to carefully read and follow the directions recommended
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It may therefore be stated that the electrocardiographic curves
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mostly in the deeper parts of the eye. It may cause de
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of time or reading. We cheerfully commend it to both student
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tion both in private and public and I am now thoroughly
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It is not enough that the two lungs do good work to
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lymph contain tubercle bacilli there would be no dan
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Now these cheesy infiltrations and suppurations of mucous
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this particular instance bearing upon the line of treat
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liar circumstances and may help to justify the old saying that
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injections are rapidly made until a firm whitish ridge
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hydrochloric acid gives a sure reaction. This test gives no reaction
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had been subject to regularly recurring attacks of extreme
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with the afflicted is from the end of the first week when irritation
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sailors have disappeared on getting fresh provisions in
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during the past three years will compare favorably with those of

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