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Amongst my notes I have recorded the case of another patient who

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are usually broad and flat with an equally sessile base but sometimes

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twenty. The course is not uniform. The visual acuity and the central

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doubtedly is but I should feel it wrong to let the statement as

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Palmer read hcfore the Medical Officers of ScJwols Association.

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sels I have found no true cardiac hypertrophy but rather

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discoverable in the interspaces throughout the lymphatic channels in the peri

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upon the opening day of the school year September for those

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of the gall bladder. The contents undergo gradual resorption and the

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balance negative. Moreover the loss can readily be replaced by food.

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its use produces pain or other unpleasant pelvic symptoms

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cicatricial tissue remains prominently raised. Tassing two haredip

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simply a weak vain creature oppressed out of virtue by pov

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with no pulsation or bruit. When the mass is pressed against

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absence of megaloblasts should not be considered in the diagnosis till

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Case XX. Constipation due to ahuse of Opium. Patient was a

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into the stomach although it was very large and was passed per

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no sulphonal and was perfectly sleepless. Dose grains

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between audit and reaudit. For a sample representing a

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special incidence of disease in childhood pointed out the peculiarities

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the patient shall not be awakened. Very often wakefulness is due

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sion upon the vasomotor mechanism will be true in large part

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tremity of the stomach. No cancerous history and no possible

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in the Church of San Giorgio. Baglivi s report is concise

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