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Notes of a case of syphilitic dactylitis were read by

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country. Porter s Spirit of the Times of December 20 1856

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pediculosis of the scalp pediculosis of the body or

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Palpation affords probable but not positive evidence for or

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and very unsightly. Plans for remodeling the j ost have been submitted.

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see that proper measures are taken to correct the underlying cause.

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heat slowly and boil slowly and be careftil to take off

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of the Greek physician Anthlmus which is full of sound sensible precepts

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Should calamine alone yield too dark coloured a film when

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we should have followed his demonstrations with interest although we

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important. The author believes that for a recent acute anterior

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doses of cjuinine giving in bad cases 10 grains every

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Mr. Willett advised amputation through the left thigh but the

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of muscle and connective tissues hence the names myo

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body before it reaches maturity they then live for fifteen years or

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Credit is herewith given for much of the historical information in

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exertions are made any day sleep longer the night following.

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militate against him although they may not necessarily ruin him.

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more or less permanent adjustment of the inductance

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treatment can be closely watched and modified or altered

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festations but the preceding classification more nearly assumes the

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list of deaths during the administration of chloroform ether etc. and

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Observations on the proceedings of the Special Medical

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solutions is not to be commended. It has little other e bet

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mediate commanding officer without delay. Trial by court martial or

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a romance. In 1819 a medical student applied to Roux then one

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The head of the Partridge Cochin is a rich orange red. The hackle

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poisoning by Aniline. No antidotes are known but it might be advisable

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bled and to add to her misfortunes the vein opened again during her

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Wounded to a class composed of the officers non commissioned officers

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Paul a traveling preacher had gone down to Ephesus and organized a

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Necrosis and Periostitis. When these occur it isusually

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whose conduct in respect to York Road Hospital is at present the

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badge on the arms of the men or even on tho wagon to

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blood is sufficiently overcome to enable us safely to leave

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The leaves are subsessile on long sheaths alternate lanceolate linear

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were of the kind known as degenerative changes. They

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the colored recruits combined the six principal causes of rejection dur

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although probably stUl out of the reach of the practitioner

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process anastomoses become established between the two

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A Case of Primary Intestinal Tubercalosls. In a female

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parallel to the median sulcus and to the occipital pole of the

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fact that time must be saved and the patient hastily de

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branes dry hot muzzle weeping eyes a small hard weak pulse

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