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eruptive complaint manifested themselves in this patient who in due time re

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this article given for publication before the scientific and

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was not as we understand it primarily to benefit Fram

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never witnessed anything like it before or since Fortunately

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fundus the latter the greater facilities for study

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Following this directly cooling effect is the refresh

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basic course comprising those subjects with which it is absolutely essential

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and others the conclusion is drawn that the general sys

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thousandth of a milligram may be an excessive dose in

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poison from the bite of venomous snakes has the same

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lowish colour but retaining the blue sloughy centre. The conjunc

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Leprosy in the Canary Islands. It is officially stated that there

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Below may bo found an outline representation of a fat Short Horn cow.

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when the myoclonic jerking of the muscles begins. Convulsions

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Philadelphia Hospital etc. With 183 colored illustrations upon 68 plates and 64

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tine. There was no sweeping motion or circulatory motion as

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such as to cause a passive congestion or cedema it is difficult for

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country. Porter s Spirit of the Times of December 20 1856

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cases treated since the introduction of hydrotherapy the mortality was

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sensitive mass with the ureters opening upon it. The penis is

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fifth generation which is considerably beyond the limits of activity of diluted

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mation of the brain. Its beginnings are insidious its progress

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of its development in several species of Molluscs only one of which is

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proportion of cases give it a special significance

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absent on starting to walk. Running the automobile soon became

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imental Lesions produced by Chronic Alcoholic Poisoning Ethyl Alco

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pathy sent to them by the Society in January last. That the Society

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the tissues and of the body fluids is decidedly increased and the

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generally distributed among the primitive peoples of the earth

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general good and though having more individual liberty than it ever had

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Mercurial Ointment for Vermin. Take strong mercurial ointment ohp ounce

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excess of motion or stretching of the strained liga

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but is this honest or right or fah to the patients Con

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around them their almost simultaneous appearance in several separate

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be as unsuccessful particularly as regards progeny as marriage

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crescentic ulcer with a gummy grayish yellow deposit or covered with a

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aids recently put at our disposal than by a course in thera

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Quincke a lumbar puncture. Hill expressed the opinion that the fluid

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tioners were competent to do even major surgery and the

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Conclusions. After preliminary investigation the following con

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sary. 1 he wruer mentions his former pub sidered of first importance intellectual

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the difficulties of the nurse. Pain and sleeplessness can be effectually

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else and he lost heavily when he had to pay hotel bills

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hold our commissions or is our official life an inter

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Martyn Thomas Plates with Explanations for illustrating Linnoeus

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what has been termed rheumatic gout it occurs frequc ntly in the fibrous

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published by Professor Clifford Allbutt in the St. George s Hospital

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Una. Reinfection is prevented by giving vermifuge medicines to

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numerous fibroids. It is a good plan in some cases ta

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amputating are only of importance as they affect the

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Cowan Charles. The danger irrationality and ils of Med ca l

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instrument has been made by Messrs. Mayer and Meltzer Great Port

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The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy has elected for

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he lilood away from the nervc cinters especially at the base

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abroad at the fullowing rates subject to all the conditions and restric

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the latter with extensive superficial burns which occur in men so much

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loid degeneration are of far greater import than sclerosis.

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patients the undoubted subjects of inherited syjihilis and you will

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and in all cases the certainty of at jeast a marked improvement.

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behind all the sympathetic. The distinguishing feature of this syndrome is

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haps a fowl which he tells the people the deity requires

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Wrighte the somme of ffortie shillinges which the said

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to try and prevent secondary putrid infection of the suppurating cavity

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of obliteration of the seminal duct relative to hypertrophy of the

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is of opinion that inasmuch as 3 000 000 is to be devoted

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junctivitis was evidently of gonorrha al origin tlie patient a girl

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