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chiefly in the papillae. Osier says that the presence of these uratic
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in proportion to the loss of compensation and interference with the car
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soft palate the pharynx the Eustachian tubes and the tympauit. cavity.
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Symptomatology. The first changes usually appear in the thenar
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spring and fall. Primary attacks may occur at any time but recurrent
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Course and Duration. Though acute in its course the highly
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Among cases due to poisons of extrinsic origin is alcoholic neuritis.
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tardation of intellectual development. Occasionally and thi even
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often attended with an increase in the number of mononuclear cells in
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It is to be recollected that when the tracheal secretion becomes copious
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Stadelmann and others have shown that the bile containing the poison
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Pathology. Dilatation with hypertrophy is generally secondary
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Local Treatment. This aims at soothing as well as at reducing the
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chiefly in the papillae. Osier says that the presence of these uratic
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The quantity of indican in the urine is diminished.
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is not so rapid and the mental symptoms are more purely psychical. In
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It has been specially recommended for the reduction of the Fever
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Dietetic treatment is of great importance. It should be remembered
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Healthier Baking Recipes

Healthy Baked Dessert Recipes

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