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come down and meet with them or if they will hold their meetings together
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enceofthetumour, at intervals of two-thirds amination. In short, in France as in Eng-
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other intra-thoracic tumours, and his very original and important
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Dr. .Jacoby said, they are probably due to some organic
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creased till Sunday, May 18th. Her physician had, meanwhile, received
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were removed for the determination of the Ca. This was done by burning the
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Part I is devoted to Animal Drugs; Part II to Cellular
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fever have a diameter of about one-quarter to one-third that of the red blood-cells.
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the contrary, is a movable affair. In the normal state
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which will be presented to the Board by Dr. Markham, the
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some particular disturbance lies in infection, it has been too
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* Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, Nos. 39 and 40, 1902.
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was jaundice and hematemesis and the disturbance dated back some
Dr. Hood ("Brit. Med. Jour.," Dec. 31, 1881, p. 1119), in
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we cannot justly omit to express here our appreciation of his eminent
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site — really before the parasitism of the worm had be-
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Morbid Conditions relating to Albumen Dropsy as dependent on Diminution of Albumen-
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mental picture of cod liver oil, or the canned products of Astoria.
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A peculiar whistling, wheezing, crowing, or musical note is produced
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a gentleman, aged twenty-six. The tumor was enclosed
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The treatment of duodenal ulcer demands the same care.
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The blood-current conducts the quantities of heat that it
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of gum elastic was kept between her front teeth, to
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15-2 ; in Paisley, 23 ; and in Glasgow 1-9 per cent. No deaths
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The operation is of considerable difficulty in rabbits, as the
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thing relating to his health. He was attacked with pneumonitis March
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been made of 1,134 feebleminded inmates for evidences
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mors for which any patient may seek advice. As a rule,
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easy ; but otorrhcea may supervene in the earliest stages of typhoid, and
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Harlem Medical Association of the City of New York.
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is frequently met with, however, and then especially in its indurated form,
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athletic exercises, formation of choral societies, establishment
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wise intractable retroversions of the uterus, which operation,
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Asheville (who afterwards left the State), and M. L. Smoot, Fayette-
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all the evil influences bearing upon conscious or sub-
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])lacemeiit from increased weight, and failure of nor-
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The swollen legs of this woman were quite purple from innu-
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and had manifested no sense of shame in reference to this act of condonation
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prolongations acting as conductors of the nervous cur-
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1) !■'.>. .1. I'.Ui-in ni" tlu- (-\tr,l\.i-,lt.-d Mn.,d. .Illvl -n !'nl----l,lliill- .':
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an exquisitely tender cord>like mass, and the limb on the distal
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once or twice, and lay them upon white paper to dry. They
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1 — dropsy, 1 — di-opsy of the brain, 3 — dro\^nied, 1 — dysentery, 1 — scarlet fever, 2 — typhoid
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farther afield, more in the nature of fanciful personifications or pasquinades of medical import.
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the latter ; the frontal lobes are usually the seat when disease in the nose
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prayer and repentance. This is the calculation : The
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food which patients affected with this disease should avoid, we
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ness, hot flushes and other manifestations of the climacteric

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