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invaded and cleared of glands and fat (of which there was a quantity)

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association has already done, as well as to the great

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give rise to living force, which either benefits the body in the form of heat, or

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ordinary use of this material prohibitive. Beyond this ballast

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recurrences. This boy apparently comes under treatment in the ter-

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by gas ; tongue moist. Temperature 103^°, pulse 132.

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pelvis, and displacing upwards the pregnant uterus. The waters

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relieved of the discharge, her comfort increased, and life pro-


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The Cerebellum akd its Peduxcles. — The cerebellum has five lobes —

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onstration — namely, experiment. In no scientifically con-

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which the power of the tissues to repair injury or to

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List of articles it is proposed to transfer from the Se^

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stands in an intimate relation with the suppression of the healthy

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a lesion in Broca's region and also in the upper temporal convolution)

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theless, gone on drinking, and quite recently I heard from him, and he is

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the membranes yellow, and has but little odor. With sul-

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The different processes that flax has to go through before it is made

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State University; M.S. 1969, University of Kentucky;

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lion is made, the blood turneth again to the exterior parts^

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Of the primary cases, uncomplicated so far as any other defect of the

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eral student, the specialist, and the man of business may obtain that

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toxaemia has also affected the phrenic nerve and the tenth cranial

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Morrow, Cecil Loveland, a, w, sp, Wenatchee, Wash. U. of Washington;

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yet I do not think, on the other hand, that the gain

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Tobold's or Sass's instrument was there any optical prin-

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ence in the wound of infected foreign bodies. These may be necrotic

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