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located at indianola 111. and gives a satisfactory report of his

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be at least mentioned in a modern physiology. The figures are

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first metastatic appearance should be in the liver. Metastatic formations in

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If we study attentively the history of any such person

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free incision at most dependent part. If it occurs before

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dominated and this had led him to the supposition that the contagion had

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Eaton a lad 8 years old with his mother s consent is put

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able aromatic odor which is strongest in the flowers and a rough

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milk of low bacterial content and reduces the possibility of infection

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strange disease. I have not supposed for the last hve or six

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The same book translated by Adara Neale 12mo Lond. 1804.

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folely in voluntary exertions. Hence the moft modeft women in

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liament and to take such measures from time to time as they may

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They should be regularly exercised and well fed on easily digested

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in the axilla are removed in all cases of excision of the

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tions which will tend to modify the neuroarthritic tendencies.

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In the three autopsies of Foals e by Bollinger at j rami pulmonary

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gallinas in or near the stable. The mites become temporary para

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lection up to the internal sphincter. Opposite the position of each large

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turpentine or benzole quickly extracts all colour so do dammar

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time has done much to simplify BOme of the difficult

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Ipfce of one bemaptatt of anotber.foj being of oiuersfM

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Milesian by imp. Mickey Free 154 lbs. two miles over eight

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Table I. Abstract showing Diseases 8fc. in Glasses

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Whilst under observation there was no fever sickness or diarrhoea and the

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Sometimes we see patients copy drawings although they

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She returned to work in the mill in September. About November

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Another school building is being prepared for a hos 5ital

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prostitute in civil communities who at present is permitted to dissemmate

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of the glands themselves or a dis same flow of pancreatic juice. Is

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cesses of division in the nuclei of the nerve cells interstitial

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warrants all the praise given by your correspondent in

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is performed. It must be borne in mind that while these patients

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are left to cut their way out. When for any reason operation is

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accept this principle is not to disparage medicinal treatment. In

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Erysipelas may be complicated by meningitis which will be indicated by

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axillary nodes 11 times the inguinal nodes 12 times the cervical

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not uncommon to discover small specks of caseous necrosis which stamp

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to do if syphiUs in its different phases were eradicated. It

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added to blood quickly disappears and goes on to prove that it is

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in all cases of bonj fixation wh cre the femoral neck

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At a mixed political gathering he got into a dispute with

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is called Wine of the apple Cider the fermented infusion of malt Beer.

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proportions they exercise only a limited influence. Dr.

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death must be enormously increased by the certificates

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or we can have a blow upon the head acting as a predisposing

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drochlorate of camphene. If small fragments of each be placed sepa

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History. Ti is preparation is an aqueous solution of Citrate of Mag

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developed additional use of the sound hand. If a plastic operation is then

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back and abdomen and of nausea. Refusing all nourishment

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the herd and the whole herd should be tuberculin tested twice a

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vises delegates to use the regular nine months rate

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after difficult parturition and as a consequence of the tearing of tissues

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the nie of a cheny four ceUed each cell one seeded.

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as applicable to this condition as to any other. The

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failed 3. acute suppur ilive cholecystitis or cholan

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sacrum is the important measurement. Since the child s head must

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requirements the property owners are quite certain to live under equally

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were used for all purposes with those in which their use had

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Vincent London Dr. Swaby Smith Liverpool Dr. Graham Brown Edinburgh

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a dressing for stitch hole abscess. Where the subcutaneous su

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buildings for the treatment of excitable cases who required frequent

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physis. If necessary the left arm is passed between

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as the ligature leaves great pain and a greater likelihood of secondary

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Could the former excited motions be those of irrita

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duced ordinarily slight it is true but sometimes very pro

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satisfactory. It is singular that although this method originated at

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bearinc and anaerobic micro organisms are very much

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Sweet Spirits of Nitre 1 ounce or 4 tablespoonfuls

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rough and troublesome in the entrance but after a while fair

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mitted through intermediary agents pelts wool food bed

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settling ministers who must be supported by their salaries what can

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of propitiation consisted also of attitudes and language

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sible dining rooms and kitchens and depositing them on the bread and meat

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be thoroughly sterilized. Jjime watcr or any other alkaline fluid such a.s

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precaution needed is to end the exercise in a room or tem

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officers of our armies during the war. On the contrary

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