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Microscopic findings. There is a widespread edema and congestion of the lungs. The

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the best of tonics. This is just as true for primitive as

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with grayish turbid liquid. The lesions of the liver

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sun became affected with coppery patches from which there sprang a growth

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Circulatory System. The aod presents important changes. The fol

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viscera is attended with the elaboration of substances

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but traced each organized structure wherever it was to

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longer alarming. Separation of the dead parts had begun on the left

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skin that when cut it resembled closely the toughest brawn. The

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the gray matter since the gray matter has been entirely destroyed

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trate sterilized by heat and concentrated to the desired strength

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subsequently killed and burned. But if within the short space

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the oculomotor muscles and paralysis of the optic nerve. According to Buller

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treatment the clinical portrait. It is on the clinical lec

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operation. She became after a few months dangerous and in October

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Nostrums containing morphine cocaine and other dangerous drugs

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division of the work among experts in specialized domains may be

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circumstances of drowning require that means be used to counteract

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the development of circumscribed macules or maculo

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tures we should see in a certain type of men almost

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being little less than 2 litre would hold less than

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to employ both heat and nitric acid. Albuminous urine is usually coagu

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menstrual period has passed. Narcosis is not necessary

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Padua where he began his medical studies under Fabricius who

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phate of zinc is safe and effective. The repetition of the emetic u

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Plumbism in Pottery Factories. Lord James Hereford

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oclaSrTn ial e J. 1877 observed this condition on six

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A remarkable case of progressive ascending myoclonus in a man aged

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XI. Observations upon the comparative Prevalence of Insanity

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ment mentioned by Welch selbaum and Stangl has been reported

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nodular condition as though a layer of shot or peas was

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trative and clinical standpoint this concentration proved preferable and

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the sebaceous glands hair follicles and vessels and in the later stages the

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slaughtering an ample supply of meat for a short time but in

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profession at large that pure aortic insufficiency is consistent with years of

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affiliation with the American Medical Association and had for years

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and the noHologic Htate when attacked. In the normal adtilt

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and found a large perforation in the right membrana tympani in the anterior

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to demand of every student the preliminary education best suited

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vein and tied off the tributaries including the facial he

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Green stools are seen after taking calomel and on exposure to air. Such

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rate conceivable that some instances of metabolic asthma

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of these nodules showing cavernous structures in which the

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and second in latent tuberculosis that can be detectetl

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The diet must be administered with some regard to the

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perior thyreoid and the lingual as closely to the latter

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testimony of a single witness the prosecutrix as competent.

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attention and cause him to seek medical advice. It usually comes on

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made good by drinking a sufficient quantity. If however the

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dissolved in seven or eight times its quantity of spirit.

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third day On post mortem cxanjination the right lung was found to

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has been described though it is rare and needs further study. But

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Tours in England lay on the table and gave rise to a conversation

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ITochhaus places strong emphasis on removing the cause or

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be permitted membership in the A.mehican Medjcal Association or in

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yards and lots and be authorized to cause everything offensive to be

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had asked her name and indirectly her address but when he

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Status of Hospital Division at the beginning of the present fiscal

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what is alone accomplished by nature and art by the opera

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d abord la pneumonic lobulaire puis la pneumonic lobaire par confluence des

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lowing year he served as manager of his local high school football team.

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then reground in a Csoker grinding machine. The filtrate from the resulting

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their stations lazarets detentions disinfections numerous

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which after infection the disease becomes manifest in the organism.

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If then pulmonary tone be not simply elastic in origin but in part

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frequent and persistent use may do serious mischief to the kidneys.

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