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regulate within certain limits the rapidity of action of his heart. In one

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receiving about 300 c.c. The treatment was continued until there was

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Either animal food or any liquid immediately on entering

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Treasurer of the Association was nominated as its repre

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an inflammation that involves the cutaneous tissues as deep as the hair

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unusually it is observed that there is dilatation of

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of great personal gratification to him to reflect that his father had

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of leucocytes swollen epithelial cells cylindroids or mucin casts and

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etc. and vegetables salads etc. as are destined to be eaten

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Our undiagnosed cases are decreasing as our knowledge increases

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Mr. McCandless. What I am trying to put into perspective here

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Ptomaines are the alkaloidal or basic products of the putrefac

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physic takes twenty four hours to operate on the bowels. It is

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oration kindly to correct the error which occurs at page 32

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ly the best anti. pruritic remedy I have ever used.

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Koark R. C. A report on the analj sis of insecticides includes the

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hydnioephalic cry Chcyne Stokes respiration delirium convulsions death.

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Haygaeth John. Inquiry how to prevent the Small Pox and

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The operation ot suprapubic prostatectomy as generally

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milk without changing its appearance. From cheese which was made on

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eulierement de notre Kaculte. Je eroisbien qu il y a quelques

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his regular puerperal patients of whom he had a large

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assign to each a separate and independent classification. To day I

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These cells differ strikingly in histological appearance

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that directly induces phagocytosis. When the system

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in a good hospital consisted merely of a blanket but

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guished in dissection or avoided in an operation to explain

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In unilateral hydronephrosis care have been administered. The time re

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gerous except great caufe. Becarefull alfo to obferue the

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nant develops ha maturia and dies in the puerperium.

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opened except that which accompanies the successfnl essay.


As the comatose stage often lasts for some hours after the par

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usually occur in successive crops after fevers especially pneumonia

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myself here by giving in a condensed form a Bummary of the

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what shall we say of him as the citizen as the friend

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previous meeting to be for syphilitic cutaneous lesions.

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hypnotic suggestions upon pain the definite degree of resistance

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the back of the neck and regulated the sleeping hours.

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after the Haab pattern at a cost of less than 50. Holt

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three centimetres the longer ones occurring most fre

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irritation and destruction with their attendant clinical

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ure seeming to be at the epiphyseal junction on the outer

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articles are printed in bolder type bat otherwise the

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ground upon the two surfaces of a prism the direction

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Europe. Ray John Stirpium Europa arum extra Britannias nascen

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has invented a fraenum scissors which will allow the operator to

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Maximilian Herzog an active member erroneously included

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Both uterine arteries were tied and necrosis occurred in five

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was lull and there was less effort. The urine was acid uniformly

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