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the left a lobulated tumor which had been growing for three or

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united in a tube gynoslegium which incloses the pistil aiUheridium

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third day On post mortem cxanjination the right lung was found to

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sions at once suggest a grave prognosis. while on the other hand

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show that whereas thyroid extract produces no obvious

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and 1799 in New Orleans in 1769 1791 1793 95 1797 1799 and

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bare back between the shoulder blades often stops the

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smaller than the whole area supplied by the first dorsal root. The slighter

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ISodftty s cordials. Daffy s elixirs amp c. at hand

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diaease Tbe termination is often by some acute inflammation aa pnen

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DeForest H. P. Fischer on SapparatiTe iD amp ammation in the

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should act as though in the presence of an accidental intoxica

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ice bag to the abdomen strychnine and su rarenal extract. Hiemor

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troops in the Philippine Islands was 0.90 and for the colored 0.58

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not infrequently see varying degrees of dextrocardia in right

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Lady Hardinge who died last week in a nursing home in

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of mucous membrane so bathed. Before experimenting upon

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and the circulation through the whole body is improved.

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dead whether of men animals or plants. These three views of

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a quite specific attraction for Ibsen and moreover conventional mor

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use the Tvord in the common or conventional sense then

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adjacent lobules the collapsed lobule is also compressed. The colJApMd

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which gradual ly becomes clironie is very noticeable and is to be met

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by successive diminutions the vanishing point will be reached or

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Wilcox Reynold W. A report of a case of acute potassium iodide

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cal as the old historians from whom hundreds of citations might

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through the town. Irrigation to an excessive degree is used in the

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case to the medical profession and to the community at large seemed to

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feet in circumference. The branches are given off near the top and

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Halsted observed that bitches that had lost part of their

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with the effect to modify the voice and cough in a most characteristic

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an indirect influence in some cases and arterial sclerosis thrombosis and

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Melville 8. Skidmore East Moriches Charles E. Wells Sag Harbor

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combination with other agents to procure a good night for the

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tors and the age of onset in 157 cases of hereditary

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study of alcoholism the dn habit syphilis tuberculosis and can

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from shock it is usually slower than natural sometimes intermitting.

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ately following the death struggle. The amount must reach several

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growing tumor composed of blood vessels which exhib

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research and observation thinks for himself and writes in

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When as a first year student now forty two years ago I

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were better than in the City itself. According to data kindly

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year and to the other business of its annual meeting.

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and zealous men in its organization we feel confident

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modifying milk according to definite percentages of fats sugar

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behind all the sympathetic. The distinguishing feature of this syndrome is

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and the lower tone limit being tested from time to time to see

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ships the salaries of which amount to 1 600 per annum.

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Ansicht konnen wir zwar nicht vollig beistimmen wohl aber

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Definition. Catarrh of the mucous membrane of the duodenum

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chemists rather than been left to their purely medical confreres whose enthu

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nature and to its incurability. Lyons in 1863 published an article in the

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with gouty or hepatic affections. It is the promptest anti

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Experiment 7. The results of this experiment may best be described in

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lymphatic glands but it is lodged almost exclusively in tumours in the

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party and the Republicans who had joined them very generally went

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geni to urinary mucous membrane furnishes the occasion for amyloid

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muscles and when those spasms occurred he had severe throbbing pain.

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causations of the disease which determines clearly the therapeutic

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Observations on the habits of the crustacean Emerita analoga Smith

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In order to emphasize the remarkable contrast between these

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rable that secretion should go on quicker that destructive absorption should be

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succeeded in picking out 1 of tbe 6 cases of mammary

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Burns and scalds on any animal are treated by applying car

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of the pharynx and larynx. In 17 of these the pharynx

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the end of the operative procedures the uterus is pushed into

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plied high up and are not irritative but at once begin to exert

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Saturn. 2 9. ubi ilpnrjv esse Latinerum sicam ex Jesepho et veteribus

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shoulders. Their low long oval flat topped head with bomb6 forehead and

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above quantity of grain they are fed from racks in the yard and

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to talk and usually die extremely emaciated in six months to a year.

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may cause a mild chronic depression simple and easily

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